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Critique of my diet plan :)

I have made a diet plan and put it on my blog :)

I was just wondering whether the diet was good, or too high/low in calories. I kept it at a low level because I often go out in the week and have a few G&T's :D or my gran force feeds me something bad occasionally

Any ways I can improve it?

Thanks Guys :D
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BluePrints - Hi, I'm no doctor, or dietician! But I think you might be eating too LITTLE! Especially if you're burning that much in the gym. My estimate is that you're eating less that 1000 cals on the days you're not at granny's. Eating too little may slow down your metabolism as your body goes into starvation mode. This often happens to people on diets that are under 1000 cals. Furthermore, the days you're eating at your granny's would be fine if you were eating enough to stay out of the 'starvation mode', however, as your body will probably be in this mode, the calories you consume at your grans will be stored as fat. On these days your body will be acting like a camel. Just as they store water to prepare for times of drought, your body will be storing fat for times of famine (the 'starvation mode' you kick off by eating less than 1000cals).

Sorry! Sounds like a total lecture, but I just know that whenever I've gone on such diets, the weight goes right back on as soon as I eat over my tiny amount for a day or two. I'd recommend you have your two slim fast shakes PLUS a full 600 calorie meal.. and the 300 calories too :)
Thanks for your reply :)

I had a little feeling it was too little. I have now amended it to add up to 1200 calories a day. I have not included drinks and seeing as I like tea a lot im sure that would add up to 1300 :)
That sounds like a brilliant idea blueprints :) and can I just say, I'm jealous, I wish my grannys would cook for me. I usually just get abuse from one of them for eating too much!!

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