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Crooked Thoughts


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For a few days now my head has been in turmoil.

I am currently hating my job - i feel stressed as hell on a daily basis and the only day I feel i have any respite is on a Saturday. By Sunday morning I am feeling low, sad and wanting to run away cos the awful cycle begins again on the Monday morning.

I can't change jobs - i am self-employed and dealing with either tragedy or conflict on a daily basis. My lovely hubby is a mature student and is only just starting the last term of the first year of a 4 year degree. I have 2 gorgeous children and I know that there is no way out in the short term cos i have to keep all the balls in the air for them.

I had such a bad day on Friday that my head was telling me that i always cock things up, am not cut out for my job, deserve all i get etc etc.....:sigh: My client was asking me how come i could have a successful life when she has always managed to make so many mistakes. It just shows that you cannot judge others by what you see on the surface. Even people who look confident can lead desperately unhappy lives.

I know it will pass, and I am trying not to let it affect the LL plan.

But i am really low today and not even reading all these lovely threads is cheering me up.

Sorry for whining - i just needed to purge.:wave_cry:
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Lemma you sre so right. Life is often crap, especially when it is down to you to "keep all the balls in the air". HOWEVER, you can do it. You ARE doing it and unfortunately for a while you are going to have to keep on doing it. Hop on here when you feel low. The girls on here are soo supportive AND inspirational. On here you don't have to be the strong one holding it all together, that's what i love. Things pass and until circumstances change, keep strong, keep you eye on the prize and keep posting here. xx
Sorry you are feeling so blue Lemma. It's really trying when things get on top of you. You will get through this rough patch - and well done for dealing with it be feeling how crap everything is rather then eating. That should make you feel proud.

Do keep your eye on the prize as Annie said, and remember - THIS TOO SHALL PASS. One day you will look back from a different perspective, and it will all be behind you - but I nkow that doesn;t help you now. But take heart - better things lay ahead. You're being tested now. Hang tough, and don't let it get to you. And keep coming here. We are all in this together, so you are not alone.


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Hi Lemma
Sorry things are getting on top of you. Well done for staying on the plan though that is very impressive.
The only thing I can say is to try and find a reason to like your job or change your attitude. I had to do the same recently I started thinking differently. I decided I will be the best at what I do and since then I have enjoyed my job alot more. Its hard but maybe just start telling yourself ou will be the best at what you do. Not sure if my amatuer psychology is any good, but it worked for me.

Good luck and as always we are all here to prop you up when you need shoulder to lean on.

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