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Cruise: When weight loss is stalling - miscellaneous recipes

Oat tabbouleh
Didn't use the prefix as he advises this recipe to be used on 3 consecutive days.*

1 bunch parsley
1/2 bunch coriander
1/2 bunch mint
1 onion /onion powder*
1 tomato, chopped *

Put the spices in the chopper, or chop finely; add lemon juice, salt to taste (no salt is OK, it is quite strongly flavoured); refrigerate for a couple of hours; add the daily dose of oatbran immediately before serving.

* I think the tomato should be left out on PP days, and onion should be subbed with onion powder.
** My variation - added 2 TS of oatbran and 1 TS of flax seed (or is it called linseed?) for crunchiness; instead of lemon juice used a combination of lime juice and apple (cider) vinegar as didn't have lemon. Also added garlic powder.
Hopefully it works its magic!:)

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** Chief WITCH **
nice idea... but I couldn't!

I'll type this here, cos it's also a "stalling" recipe - he says stalling is 10 days without weight loss (WITHOUT having broken the diet!):

instead of having your normal oatbran (+ wheatbran?) intake, take 3 tablespoons oatbran, 1 or 2 egg whites, 1 tablespoon fat free fromage frais, make up three galettes.... and eat them throughout the day. (Note: no egg yolk)... and also have no tolerated foods, cut out packaged foods, and increase daily exercise.

Will break a plateau also...
i tried this recipie on his website last month and he had added olive oil to it as well ...didnt help me though !!


** Chief WITCH **
olive oil? :eek: :break_diet:
yep and that was an official mr d recipe!!!!!


** Chief WITCH **
It never fails to amaze me...
Money, money, money...
This is why I prefer to stick to the original plan from before the tolerated and whatever fancy additions that came afterwards! Must have been desperate enough but I stuck to it to the letter. And, strangely enough, didn't miss the forbidden stuff - except alcohol, but didn't drink while on Cruise. It was easily doable; unfortunately, at some point it got too expensive, or, rather, my resources were very limited when I made the move to the UK, was looking for work etc etc.
Paradoxically, the stricter the plan, the easier it is to do - one just has to think hard "am I up to the challenge?" and if yes, just go for it. Now that boundaries are blurred, temptations are numerous and misinterpretations abundant. And, I'm afraid, failures would happen more often.
Sorry abt the rant, just had to vent... :(
i do think mr d has sold out a bit ...i like strict , but have flauted the rules once or twice !!!
but ima work in progress!!!!

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