Crushing ice in a blender ?


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My blender really doesnt like smashing up ice cubes :( , it makes a terrible racket and nearly knocks the bottom out of it. :eek: the cats disappear and my hubbys says its louder than using a hammer drill :D

I have just started to make up some of my shakes with ice cubes for a change and am enjoying it... but my blender really isnt up to it!!

Can anyone recommend something that is more suitable ??


Deb x
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The Kenwood Smoothie Maker is designed for ice.

Whichever blender you use though must be ice rated otherwise it will blunt in 30 seconds and ruin it.

Also on Argos at the minute it is 26 quid down from 40 -->

Shop for Kenwood SB256 Smoothie Maker. at



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Hi Deb

Just noticed last night that Argos have a special Half price Kenwood Smoothie maker and pro. They have been recommended on the sight before. I would grab one quick if I were you. George foremans too if your interested.

Dizzy x


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S: 12st7lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 0st3lb(1.71%)
Brilliant thanks for the tip.

Will get hubby to buy me one for Christmas but have it a bit early :D

Off to reserve one now and will pick up later on.


Deb x


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Cool - thanks for the tip, guys - I've just ordered me one for Crimbo as a wee treat for being a good girl......

(anyone buying this? hehe)


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OMG I'm sorry!! didn't mean to confuse you...

But personally I'd go for the Genie...WHY?

Its compact, easy to clean...very easy!, comes with a ablender, juicer, grates cheese, nuts, choc (I know you not having them at the mo)! Has 4 cups that you mix in then stick straight in the microwave if you want to warm your shake! Crushes ice in 10 seconds!! The list is endless!! Yes I love mine!!:D

The smoothie maker is great but I found mine hard to clean on the nozzle bit. And the genie makes smoothies too! plus much more.

Whatever you decide...enjoy! I love a gadget!!



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I just ordered one from (the kenwood blender) and its £19.99 but with delivery its just under £24. I'm not going anywhere near agros at this time of year...its a zoo! lol


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I am rather annoyed as my Genie has been useless at crushing ice and haven't used it for weeks. My DS keeps saying 'I told you so, you should have got the Smoothie Maker' and I'm beginning to think he's right.