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Crystal89's diary- Getting that last stone off!

Hi everyone!

So a little bit about me- I'm Fionnuala aka Fin aka Crystal89 and I'm a professional slacker....sorry history student :rolleyes:. I'm 19 and just finished my first year. I've been lurking round these forums for a while now and have finally decided to bite the bullet and join in properly 'cos you all seem like such nice folks so hello everyone *waves*

I joined Weightwatchers because it got to last Christmas and I realised that I was 18 years old and I'd never once worn a bikini and or had my Dad say something like 'You can't go out wearing that!'. Well, I've decided that when I do finally get to goal I am going to buy a damn bikini and a really slutty mini skirt and wear them, don't care what the weather is like or where I have to go, I will find a reason :D. Also, my aunty took a picture of me at Christmas lunch that made me want to weep but instead of that I decided to actually do something about it and boy, was it the best decision I ever made! Anyway WW was my new year's resolution (and the only one I have ever kept I might add), I do it online and so far I've gone from approx 13 stone to 9st 8 so it's just a case of getting the last stone off really.

So I feel like I've bored my whole family with my points counting and my friends don't really like talking about diets so I thought maybe I could come on here and bore you guys? Pretty please lol?

I weigh in on a Monday so fingers crossed for tomorrow morning!
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Hello and welcome to Minimins AND to the WW gang.

Youve done fantastically well so far :)
Thankyou :D I really feel that (and not meaning to be too corny lol) WW has changed my life so much for the better!

Congratulations to you too, I've read some of your diary and it's totally inspiring. When I'm having a weak moment I come on here and read it!
Hi Fin and welcome to Minimins. We love people blathering on about WW here so come and do it as much as you like.

Well done on your weight loss so far and good luck for WI this morning.

Get yourself a cattle prod to go with that mini skirt to fight off the lads and you'll be good to go ;)


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hey Fin welcome :) ... youve done a fantastic job so far !!!!!!! wow! :D
Im sure your gonna fit in fine here ! .... im looking forward to getting to know you xx
Hiya crystal - welcome to the weight watchers section, you have had a great loss so far and well done for doing so great. We will all support you thw whole way, its what were here for.
Thanks everyone! Looking forward to getting to know you all.

Have just weighed in and have lost 2lb this week which I am very happy with :D

Off to have my Weetabix now!

Really need to start getting up earlier though, guess I'm still operating on student time...


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Morning Fin! Welcome to the boards. Well done on another 2lbs! Your doing brilliantly!


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well done on your loss so far your doing great x
Trust me, I'm not putting anyone to shame, it's probably easier for me because when I was at uni I was only buying for myself and I just would not let myself buy bad things. There were days when I had the biggest cravings for things like sausage rolls and the like and I know that if they had been there I WOULD have eaten them but as it was they weren't so I just had to go cold turkey!

Now I'm at home with my family I'm finding it a bit harder because I'm surrounded by tempting things but it's funny they just don't seem to pull me the way they used to? Think I've just got myself into the routine now and am fairly close to goal so won't let myself ruin things! Also, my Mum is a complete star and buys me all my WW snacks and desserts that go in MY box and I've got it in my head if I want a snack I ONLY get it out of there.

I'm a complete goody two shoes and hate breaking rules as well! I like to think of points as money- if I had £18 for each day and spent it all then I wouldn't magically get anymore money would I? So I don't allow myself to get anymore points. I plan my treats too so I have something concrete to look forward to- had the lushest chocolate fudge cake yesterday!

Still, I have fallen off the wagon many times at uni- it just seems to be a constant round of eating and drinking sometimes! I've always managed to do damage limitation though. *shrugs* Guess I'm just lucky.
Oh I totally understand the Uni thing!!! Funnily enough my weight problem didn't arise really until the end of last year...I drank like a fish in Uni and ate all the wrong things and I was like a whippet!!! Ah, I guess that's age for ya! ;)
The ww treats are a great idea alright, at least you feel like you're getting something nice and not depriving yourself x

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