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Cuddly's refeed diary Mk2!

Just a quickie co it's so late and I have work tomorrow. I started refeed today and hope to learn from my mistakes when I refed before Christmas. I thought I'd start a diary so I can keep on track.

:eating:1pm lunch - 4/5oz chicken breast, 5 button mushrooms heated in the microwave (yum), mixed salad leaves, 2 spring onions, 1 stick celery, 2 cherry tomatoes. Felt totally stuffed after this and couldn't face a shake at 4pm before I dashed to my other job!!!!!:sign0137:

6pm tea (at work!) peanut flapjack:D

10:30pm Strawberry shake made with 500ml water:7834:

About 3L water, 500ml sparkling water and too many black coffees to count (about 3L worth!)

Am absolutely stuffed but thoroughly enjoyed the salad! I don't have time for breakfast (I know I should:sad0071:) and would usually have something at breaktime - about 11am but didn't have time today. I'm only working half day tomorrow so I'll have my lunch earlier at 12noon.

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Day 2

12 noon 110g pack chicken breast pieces, 5 button mushrooms, stick celery, 2 spring onions, some salad leaves and 3 cherry tomatoes.

5pm 5oz chicken breast and salad as above.

10:30pm Chocolate shake made with just over 500ml water

8 mugs coffee, 3L water.

I know I have only had chicken but it was another hectic day and I couldn't find the fish I had in the freezer. I did have some salmon but I can't have that just yet. Will have tuna when I am allowed some lowfat mayo.

Day 3

What a day it's been today. It started so well then I tried to get home!!!! OMG! I don't know what it was like where you are but it took me 2 1/2 hours to drive the 15min journey home tonight!!!! The traffic was atrocious and many times I actually switched the engine off coz we weren't moving coz I was worried I might run out of petrol! By the time I got home I had rung the family to ask them to clear a path to ...... the loo! I was desperate by then! Consequently my water intake has been lower today than previously! I was so relieved to finally get home that I sobbed hysterically hugging whichever child came near me! It trully was the worse few hours of my life! I alternated the journey with sobs and dancing in the drivers seat to the radio to try and keep warm - cheered up some passing drivers who thought I was mad!!!!!

12:15 110g pack of lean chicken breast heated in the microwave with 5 button mushrooms - yum! and salad as before, salad leaves, stick celery, 2 spring onions and 3 cherry tomatoes.

6:30pm (after finally getting home!) 8oz potato (well 2 small ones with a combined weight of 8oz) baked in the microwave then taken out of skin, mashed with a little little skimmed milk and mixed with a can of tuna in spring water (drained) then reheated for a minute with salad as lunch. OMG was I stuffed after that!!!!!

10:15pm strawberry shake

2.5L water, 10 mugs of coffee

Thank you both. I'm loving the salad and could eat tons of the stuff!!!!

Day 4

1am (don't ask!) stick celery, button mushrooms and cherry tomatoes!
I had serious munchies! I was waiting up for eldest to get in from babysitting and decided to make use of the time and prepare 2 bowls of salad ready for today and, well, picked!!! Nuff said!

12noon slice of wholemeal toast with 110g pack of chicken breast marinaded in mango, chilli and lime (made it a bit spicy) and mushrooms and small amount of salad as previously. 8 black grapes

3pm pot of Shape fat free strawberry yoghurt

5pm pear

6:30pm baked skinless chicken fillets in sweet and sour sauce with roasted peppers and mushrooms, small amount of rice and carrot batons, cherry tomatoes. seriously yummy!

11pm vanilla shake as a latte

About 3L water and 4 mugs coffee.

After Wednesday I will have to go onto the maintenance products but have decided I will miss the chocolate the most. I'm sure someone said you could make the chocolate mousse into a shake but not sure how, can anyone enlighten me?

Also, am thinking ahead to Valentines Day and my meal out with OH. Am thinking about just having 2 maintenance shakes/bars during the day to save the calories for that yummy dessert, any thoughts as to whether this is a good idea or not? feedback appreciated from other refeeders/maintainers.



Carpe diem, baby!
I'm wondering why you skip brekkie?
*says sheepishly* coz I never feel like eating early coz I've always taught in schools with a continental day and got into the habit of eating lunch during our first break which was always about 11am. Also I am so not a morning person!!!! I barely have time to get up, shower and dress before I dash out to work! I did start LT by trying to drink my first shake in the car on the way to work but then felt hungry in the evenings so I stick to 11/12noon for my first meal then another about 4/5 and the last about 10pm which works well as I work 2 evenings and spend most of the others running the children to their various activities. I'm a bit of a night owl - it's 1am at the mo - so although I know it isn't good practice I just don't bother with breakfast! Sorry, rambled on a bit there!!!!



Carpe diem, baby!
Ah, I suppose what works for one...I just couldn't fit all my meals in if I didn't get my first in between 6 and 7 a.m....(I don't have usual 3 meals a day with optional snacks, I have 8 small meals per day no matter what)

Oh and about the meal replacements, if they'd save you some leeway to have something extra in the evening then I'd go for that...but you could also do less carbs in your two meals in the day or make them smaller meals perhaps?
does the chemist advise you on what to eat on re-feed?
I dont blame not liking breakfast, like yourself I have barely enough time to dress myself. Are ya going to have any shakes on the refeed?
Charlene, the chemist gives you a sheet on refeeding, the info which Mini has included in the sticky on refeeding. I also rang them to ask some questions I had about it.

Miss Unknown, you can have LT shakes or maintenance products the first week but shouldn't have LT after that. I was able to buy 7 shakes to see me through refeed week and have ordered samples from LT of the maintenance products to try.

Day 5

12noon as yesterday, slice wholemeal toast with chicken breast and mushrooms (heated in microwave) on top and small side salad, 12 black grapes and a vanilla and a toffee WW yoghurt

5:30pm fillet of salmon steamed in microwave with mushrooms, 6 new potatoes and a side salad. Pear and Shape strawberry yoghurt

7pm some strawberry fat free liquorice sticks - just needed something to chew! Took ages to get through and filled my need for sugar! Not the best choice but better than a chocolate bar!!!!!!!

11pm chocolate shake

2.75L water, 1.5L black coffee, 2 pieces sugar free gum

Shouldn't have had the liquorice really but made it my third carbohydrate/fruit! This refeed lark is not easy!!!!!! Being on full LT is much more straight forward! Did manage to prepare tomorrow's lunch without picking so that is one plus point!

well done sounds really good thus far

am going to do one of these diarys when i start although i am going to do it across 2 weeks so repeat each day
Day 6

Have had a really crappy day today and really blown it! Work was okay except for one class where 3 jokers decided that they were going to be distruptive and a right pain! Even the rest if the class got fed up with them and I had just about had enough and ended up removing them into the HoD room! Put me in a right mood for the rest of the day. After work I had to tutor someone and when I finally got home (with less than an hour to make tea for the children, prepare and eat mine, and get my son to the pool for his swimming training and collect my youngest and get to another pupil to tutor) I found the house like a bombsite and my son lazying around doing nothing! I blew my top at him and went into headless chicken mode trying to get everything done, blew my salmon up in the microwave and my eldest arrived home to find me in near hysteria having eaten half a packet of biscuits!!! I only just managed to stop myself eating their lunch biscuits!!!! Bless her she make me a black coffee and sat me down while they ate their tea! Why the hell did I manage to never cheat throughout nearly 40 weeks on LT but blow it on refeed!!!!

11am a vanilla and a toffee WW yoghurt, 12 black grapes

1:30pm chicken breast, mushrooms, small salad of celery, mixed leaves, spring onion, red pepper and 4 cherry tomatoes

3pm handful of peanuts

5:30pm salmon, baked potato, small salad as lunch, 2 shape yoghurts, half packet biscuits, 2 pears!!!!!!!!!!

9:30pm 10 black grapes

I decided I had been enough of a pig and forgo my final shake!

2.5L water, 8 mugs coffee

I feel really crappy now and uncomfortable in my stomach! I have decided that tomorrow I am going to stick to protein and salad with just 1 yoghurt and fruit for elevenses and no other carbs coz I know they are my downfall! I will end this first week of refeed the way it should have been all week! God I feel such a failure! My son does this to me every time - I know he is a tyical teenager but I had had enough of them today! No excuse for me I know!!!!!!



Carpe diem, baby!
OI! You so are NOT a failure...stress, carbs they seem to be linked...same a totm...hmmm...half a packet of biccies is not the end of the world, you've seen your weakness, you know why you ate the biccies...carbs are a hard thing to manage, they are most peeps downfall if you can call it that...how do you find other carbs like brown rice and ryvitas, instead of the sweet yoghurts and the fruit...they can cause hunger as they induce insulin response like plain sugar (and diet yoghurts are higher in carbs than full fat ones are even though they are less calories)...even lactose can...I wonder if eating more veg might help? Maybe be cautious with starchy veg too to start off with (potatoes fall into this group)...

Don't beat yourself up, refeeding and maintenance are the hardest, it's a lifestyle change after all and all you can do is experiment to see what combinations suit you best...you know your own body and how it reacts to certain foods...I don't eat white flour, sugar or many processed foods. Even cereals are processed bah! Anyway...

Take your time, it took time to gain the weight, it took time to lose it, now you have the rest of your life to manage it...one day at a time...each moment as it comes...no-one is a failure because they learn from mistakes and slip ups eventually...

Chin up and take some deep breaths, relax, do something fun...
Thank you for your post hun, the more I think about it the more I realise what you are saying is so true for me. I have been avoiding bread and carbs but yes, it is the fruit and yoghurts that are the problem! I was bought up to believe fruit was good to eat and healthly but it definitely gives me the munchies and I could easily eat my way through a whole bunch of grapes given free rein. I have now rethought my food plan thanks to you and will have a wholemeal sandwich instead of fruit and yoghurt and will buy myself some rhyvita. I have wholemeal pasta so will make up a small pasta salad for lunch rather than the sweet carbs. Thank you so much!

Day 7

11am Muller fatfree strawberry yoghurt and a dozen black grapes.

1pm chicken breast, button mushrooms, small salad

6pm tuna steak, baked potato, barbeque sauce, small salad, WW yoghurt, pear

9pm, son's cookie made in class today - he was desperate for me to try it and I hated to disappoint him! It was a large triple choc one! Oh well - I made sure the children ate the rest so I only had to have the one!!!! Wanted more so had another yoghurt and some grapes instead!

2L water, 7 mugs coffee

Tomorrow no yoghurt or fruit! I am working all day then in the evening so hope it will be easier to stick to - not sure when I'll get to fit my second meal in coz I only have 30 mins between getting home to going out again - often less and I have to change for work in that time!!!

i think youve done amazingly...congratulations you and keep up the good work..definately a learning curve once you come of LT isnt it :)

h xx

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