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Cuisinart Soup Maker

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Personally, nah, I wouldn't think they are worth it. Chop up your veg and bung in a pot or better still put in the slow cooker...I would worry that it will gather dust x


Just doing it this time
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I wouldn't buy one either - I have, over many years, bought gadgets after gadgets and kitchen equipment after kitchen equipment - I have a vacuum pack sealer and a meat slicer and hand held smooshers and food processors and liquidisers, oh and I have an omelette maker and did have a george foreman - which was used regularly etc etc - the food processor is probably used once a week for tinned tomatoes maybe twice IF I make a soup like I did last week - they're expensive stuff for how little they are used really.

I was very much thinking of an Actifry (sp?) but would I only make SW chips? probably.

Let us know what you do - if you buy, let us know how good it is.

Gilly x
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I have been thinking about getting one of these myself, thinking I'd be able to make soup more often etc but I honestly think it'll go the same way as my juicer/electric steamer/sandwich toaster/george foreman...
I still kind of want one though haha


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Yeah - just a marketing ploy when all you really need is a pot that is way cheaper and more versatile because you can use if it for other things as well

Guaranteed to gather dust!
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Might just be me but not only would I not use a soup maker, but not even a blender! - I find my soups work really well and my secret is to cook them for many hours on simmer, they reduce and thicken naturally.

Occasionally I take a potato masher (really) to the veg to reduce further. Blenders/soup makers to me give a pureed/baby food consistency. Hand mash/forking allowed winter veg to remain chunky and rustic. I love the idea of different pieces of veg.

That's just me of course and each to their own etc.;)


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