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Received the following email from ww after discovering that batchelors chicken cup a soup were actually 3pp instead of 1pp as stated in the book, how can water change the pp, i am getting so angry at this as i have had quite a few this week and now im gonna be over my pp!!:mad:

Thank you for your email.

The ProPoints values for cup a soups are printed in the shop book are for the dried contents. The addition of boiling water changes the chemical composition of the ingredients which alters the way the body processes the food. This in turn raises their ProPoints value.

I hope this has answered your query. If you have any further queries please don't hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely,
Weight Watchers Customer Services

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If that was really the case why didn't they log the pp as 3 in the first place?

Excuses me thinks!
i no im not happy! u think they wud put in book if it was 3pp, doesnt make sense to me as water doesnt contain any pp!
Neither wud i! Im goin to take it up wit my consultant on Monday xx


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im sure it does what they say but in reality its kinda silly to point a cup a soup dried, I mean who would go and scoff a dry cup a soup...really :d'oh:
i no it is complete and total crap.. im goin say to leader about it, cuz we r bein told false info
This was one our leader sent over with us in the joining meeting she also agreed it was ridiculous but at least she told us about it. Hope it doesn't affect your loss this week curvy girl!
thanks lets hope, im ragin! altho iv still got 26 pro points spare even after my chinese n drinks 2nte and thats amendin everythin :)

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