Cup Soup - how many calories?


Hi all, I have succesfully calorie counted before as I had two stone of baby weight to lose but it has creeped back on - especially with xmas!
I have a quick question and it may sound a bit dense so forgive me. I had a cuppa soup for lunch and on the packet is says its 69 calories based on 190ml water. However, I poured in more water than that as I like to have a massive mug full. Have I increased the calories any more by doing this or is it still 69 calories no matter how much water I pour in?
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Well its actually one from Lidl (but surprisingly really gorgeous!) its the only thing I ever buy from there. Its the cream of vegetable cup a soup. Its their own brand I think.


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water doesnt contain calories so even if u add more or less water the cal content wouldnt change coz the packet size isnt changing.


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yeah i was going to say that . No matter how much water you pour in the calories wont change .


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I agree ladies

I did find this Lidl Soup In A Mug (bistro Snack) | LIVESTRONG.COM

Calories can be so confusing - from this I would say that for every 100ml of made up soup it contains 46 cals. Therfore if it says to make it up to 190ml or more this would be 87.4 cals if you are using this brand of soup - any other water would not matter.

I am not making much sense - i would just have a look on the pack for cal content per sachet?!

What awful advice sorry!


Thanks for your help ladies. I would agree with the view that water has no calories so it wouldn't matter how much you add. But I'm not sure. Here's some more info from the packet:

Packet size: 31.5g

Nutritional Info / 100ml prepared soup:
69 cals

So I suppose that would mean that if I made up 200ml it would be 138 cals?

I'm confused!


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Water has no calories. You could water the packet down with a litre and it'd still make a 69 calorie drink - just one that tasted pretty damn bad.

They give you the calorie count in that baffling fashion as a roundabout way to tell you how much drink the sachet should make up.


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You could pour that 69 cal packet into a full bathtub and drink it all and it would still only be 69cals :)