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Cuppa tea ???

You are not supposed to have any milk whilst SSing else you wont go into Ketosis.

I always had a cup of t a day on ss with skimmed milk I figured as it was in terras I,d be ok didn't affect my ketosis

N xxx


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The official line is of course not to have milk. But it may not affect ketosis, especially if you're only having 2 cups a day--and only having the merest dribble of milk. Incidentally, there are more carbs in skimmed milk than there are in full fat if we're talking about affecting ketosis and not looking at calories for a moment. But milk in general does contain more carbs than you might think, innocent-looking white stuff though it is.

I know this isn't the party line and I'm certainly not recommending it but if that's the only thing off plan you're doing you might well get away with it. Then again, you may not... :D
In my opinion I wouldn't do anything unless it was allowed. Its a slippery slope I can speak from experience. I remember thinking last year when I was on LL well I can just have a little bit of chicken cos it won't take me out of ketosis and then unless you have amazingly strong willpower one thing can lead to another and before you know it you are back to picking or eating and not staying on SS at all. I know that seems a bit extreme but I know I wouldn't do it, this time
I've been quite lucky as it hasn't affected my ketosis. If it does I'll have to nip it in the bud :(
I've tried having it with the vanilla shake and coffee but REALLY don't like it.

Sharon - Gina is my CDC and its so handy because I only live around the corner from her, shes lovely. Last time I done the diet I had to travel to Cardiff for my packs so I used to buy them monthly.
Where abouts are you ?
I am with Gina too Jay. I am in Rogerstone. Only met her last night although I have been ssing for three days now, using up my LL packs from last year. She's lovely isn't she? Made me feel completely at ease
I know what you mean about the chicken Sharon - I've been there too. Especially with those freshly cooked ones straight off the spit from Tesco.
She is lovely - really pretty aswell and shes lost quite a bit herself.
I bet I'l bump into you in Tesco or Asda now LOL
oh it wasn't even that nice, it was plain chargrilled chicken. I did really well initially with LL and then I started thinking a little bit of this won't hurt and then a little bit of that and before I knew it I wasoff abstinance completely and eating rubbish again. I managed to get 4 stone off but put 2 back on. Also I didn't think their refeeding routine is as good as CD hence the reason I am now with Gina.
The last time I did the Cambridge (2 years ago) I got down to 10.5 st then went to Lanzarote and became very complacent; low and behold I piled the lot back on plus an extra 1.5 st. I'm bigger now than ever, even after having the kids I wasn't this big.
I've set my goal for 9.5 which I probably haven't been since I was about 14.
Thats about my goal too Jay. Set mine at 9st 7 which puts my bmi at 25. I havent been that since about 1995 so its a loooonggg time. I have had three kids so I that's made a big difference. Mind you I am only 5ft 1. As for bumping into me in tesco or asda lol you have the advantage and know what I look like lol Might freak out if a woman comes up and starts talking to me lol
Now I'm even more confused lol
Don'y worry SJ - this comes in from February as a result of NICE guidelines - and Cambridge have said we only need to apply it to new clients starting in February ...

.... my point is that if you can have skimmed milk on this new plan and stay in ketosis, then I can not see that a cup of tea with skimmed milk in is a problem!

Sorry to confuse!!!

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