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Curious and bit scared

Hi everyone, just joined the forum and have been reading and reading and reading :rolleyes:
Well i have just organised to attend the information meeting on Monday night in Edinburgh.
I would love to know what to expect and how long the process takes from then on??

Excited and looking to lose a heck of a weight :eek:
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Hi there,
I'm starting sole source tomoz and feel very determined to stick with it. Good luck everyone.:)


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Hi fatgirl666 (fab log in by the way...lol!)
It was a little while between my info meeting and starting but it differs from counsellor to counsellor... as for having a heck of a lot to lose... you are going to the right place!! I started with nearly 14 stone to lose. I've lost 9 stone in 6 and a half months...I've got 4 stone to go til management!!! good luck at your meeting and I hope you achieve everything you want to :)


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Hi Fatgirl666

Welcome to the forum, you'll get so much support here - it's my second home :D

Who are you seeing in Edinburgh? When I did LL up there Tracey was my counsellor, so if you are seeing her you will be in very good hands - she is fab.

I went to my info session on a Saturday morning and it was approx 2 weeks before I started properly, but it does depend on when the next foundation group for your counsellor is due to start.

Hope this helps xxx
Hi girls

thanks for the replies. Yep westiegirl Tracey is going to be my fat loss hero, so i am glad to hear i will be taken care of.

Nursedi - good luck and please tell us how you are getting on its been a day or so since you started.

And wow bexnkev thats some serious hard effort and weightloss there, congrats!!

I havent weighed myself in months but im a size 24 and hope to be a 14/16 in an ideal world.

Im excited today as tonight is the info meeting i wonder who i will meet.


constantly confused
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What a great attitude you have :D

I'm looking forward to hearing about your successes over the next few weeks :)
:DWell had my meeting tonight, almost got lost! but managed to get in and settled.

So i am signed up to start two weeks tomorrow on the 24th of june!!! Will be calling Doc's office tom to make appointment to get my form signed and i should be well on my way. Wooo hooo.:eek:

Oh and met a lady from my town so i have a buddy already.
Hey fatgirl666, good luck, you're in the right place - Lighterlife is simple and very, very fast. Please don't do what I did and put on half a stone while you're waiting for 24th June! I was also a size 24 just 16 weeks ago in February, and am now just 1lb from losing 5 stone in total. Who would have thought it? Size 16s are now a bit loose on me, I can't quite get my head around it! One of the nicest things about my meetings down here in Surrey, is that everyone brings in their clothes that they're now too slim for, and they get put on racks in a 'rummage room' next to our meeting room so we can all go and choose stuff for ourselves. Although we're all dropping a dress size every month, there's always something new to wear.
Topcat xx


constantly confused
S: 12st11lb C: 12st1lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 0st10lb(5.59%)
Congratulations! I bet you can't wait :D

I would advise you to slowly start cutting back on carbs now, most of the nasty symptoms that happen in the first week happen because of the sudden carb withdrawal, but if you can wean your body off them by then, you'll sail through the first few days.

Ooh, and if I could give on piece of advice to new starters, it would be organise your clothes! Put them on racks according to size, and try on the smaller sizes OFTEN, or you'll end up like me and miss your chance! So much stuff I thought I was still too big for, and then when I did get around to trying it on, I found it was too big!
I know TG has said about cutting down on carbs but I did something different.
I made a list of all my favourite foods and whittled it down to the best 14 which I had one of every night for the 2 weeks before I started. Whilst I ate each meal I sat there saying goodbye to the old me and the night before I started the food packs I went to a dinner party and we drank loads of champagne and wine, stuffed our faces and had a great time. :D

This was a really good thing for me as it meant that I haven't lapsed or missed any food particularly whilst I've been abstaining.
Morning ladies

Well i am doing my best already to cut down on the carbs, and also not but in any more food, try and use up the rubbish already cluttering up my cuboards, also been trying out this water thing - not too sure on that yet havent managed the 4 litres daily required.
I have a massive box of choclates and ex gave me still sitting in my livingroom and you know whati havent been tempted by it since last week im gonna bin them.I dont want to pass the chocs onto unsupecting family and friends where tempting them is just as bad.

Also got my appointment with practice nurse to get my form filled in :).

COME ON 24th!!
oh yeah i know my weight and BMI now

*cringe* 122kg and 41.45bmi. ohhh errrrr some work to do.

hope i will be as succesful as the rest of you on here


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oh yeah i know my weight and BMI now

*cringe* 122kg and 41.45bmi. ohhh errrrr some work to do.

hope i will be as succesful as the rest of you on here
It is quite a shock to have to face up to it isn't it. Well I bet you a month or two down the line you will look back at that number and give it the finger. :D

I am sure you will do just fine.
Upset and pissed off

My Health center tell me they wont sign my form :-( They don't know anything about LL and tells me the nhs doesnt support it.

their best advice is save my money and go back to slimming world:mad: maybe if i lose soem that way they might consider putting me on orlistat. Grrrr thats not what i want!!


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thats really bad. Try a differnt doctors. The only reason why they dont sign the forms sometimes is complete ignorance to these diets. Lighter life is amazing and I am completly in support of it- It really annoys me that people dont want to help when you are trying to take control of your life.
Dont give in though- quite a few people get refused at first- Im sure someone will post here soon to help you out as with what to do next.
thinking of u :) xx
Hi there - regarding your problem with your health centre... point them at the Nice guidelines as quoted on your form that you would have been given to pass onto the Dr. The guideline is stated on that.
I am a health professional and know that generally Docs etc do take notice of the Nice guidelines being quoted at them. Also perhaps mention personal choice and the general concern with regard to obesity in this country. If none of that works perhaps suggesting contacting your PCT might help? You will need to be assertive to ensure that your point is understood, after all your health provider is simply being asked to confirm that you are in reasonable health. I am sure that your counsellor will be able to make suggestion also. Hope this helps a bit.
fatgirl666 - don't give up. I'm on Lipotrim which is the same as LL but you don't have the meetings. I'm not trying to dissuade you from doing LL but if the Doctor won't sign your form it would be better for you to do Lipotrim - you get it from teh chemist. It is still a total food replacement diet and you still lose weight very fast. You can check out the forum on this site.

Please don't give up. Best thing I have ever done.
Morning girls!

Well i can get my form signed for £60 by a private GP.....I hadnt budgeted that for this month.

does the anyone know if any old nurse can sign my form? I have two nurse sisters. Or am i putting up the cash and waiting for a July start?


constantly confused
S: 12st11lb C: 12st1lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 0st10lb(5.59%)
£60 is a lot!

I think it's the surgery stamp that's important, but check with your LLC.

Maybe make an appointment with your GP or the practice manager and kick up merry hell with them!

No doubt they don't hesitate to tell you that you should lose weight (mine loved telling me :mad: ) so they should support you doing something about it.

ALL they are signing for is to say you are healthy and have no problems that would stop you doing the diet, their personal opinions don't matter.

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