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chicken tikka - no rice and no sauce, in fact no extras at all except a bit of salad!!! Tandoori chicken is ok too :) Enjoy!!


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I agree Tandoori chicken, stay away from the breads as they are very sweet. You should be ok with sag aloo though, its just spinach isnt it?
yeah saag aloo is spinach and potatoes.

I always go for the grilled starters with salad, chickem tikka.... fish... seafood!!

the mint sauce is ok... but avoid the chutneys, poppadoms, nan breads, rice!!!!


on the up lol
btw u do know u could also ask for a curry made off the menu, try it just tell them ur on a diet.... only reason i know that lol i use to work in one years ago we had people come in and ask and our chef would he make a basic curry with no cream n that (veg currys r nice), worth a go ...
also after the chicken tikka starter u might be full lol ...
happy anniversary :)


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Happy anniversary :D

Agree with what the others have said - I used to love a mixed tikka platter... food for men - just a plate full of meat with a cursory side salad as an after-thought :D


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chicken shaslick is like chicken tikka with roasted peppers and onions - no sauces, very delish :D


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AWWWWWWWWWW thanks Becky ha ha h aha its only our 9 month one but we'e soppy and go out 3rd of every month to celebrate day we met xxxxx
lovely love.....

chicken shaslick is like chicken tikka with roasted peppers and onions - no sauces, very delish :D
This dish is yummy - i have had it when i am being good - when i am being bad i eat 2 or 3 poppadoms covered in every sauce so it is dripping off my chin, then maybe a wee samosa, then a chicken rizala with pilau rice and a garlic nan bread and a bottle or 2 of house white wine.... errrrr... how did i end up on LT again??? lol :D

Hope u enjoy ur evening - so nice to be in love eh! Im looking forward to that for sure xox


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I would go for the chicken Tikka without the sauce, With boiled rice and side salad, And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY :D:D:D
Hmmmmmm, curry......... my weaknesss..............

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