curves ?

Coincidence ! I was looking at their web site yesterday and would love to go to a women only one. Hope someone replies!
Ok, someone out there must have tried Curves ? Just posting again to get it up the list. Would love to join one as part of a new years resolution.
Thanks !
It's a ladies only gym, and you go in for half an hour at a time and do a sort of gym circuit type of thing. It seems to be popular because of 3 things: the women-only environment, the time-saving nature of the workouts, and the support structure. Can't say much more because I've never been to one!
Ah I see.... sounds very good.. would have definately been interested before I lost some of my weight... alas now the highlight of my gym visits is eyeing up the guys all sweaty and rippling!!!! :p
There is one in north london, Tottenham
I wondered if it was expensive because of the women only environment ? :confused:

Take Kirstin's point that there are distinct disadvantages to missing out on the rippling muscled men BUT it would be just too terrible to wobble around with blokeys there. Sorry blokeys, no offence, just my own hang ups ! ;)
I joined curves 3 1/2 weeks ago, and am really enjoying it. I must say when I first found out about I was sceptical (?) about only spending 30 seconds on each station. However I must say you don't get time to get bored on a station and I never watch the clock - as I have in the past when on the treadmill.

I was keen to join because exercise has always been the area I've never managed when dieting but since joining at the end of Nov I have been three times a week and don't dread going.

I enjoy that it is only for women, there aren't mirrors everywhere and a workout lasts 30 only minutes. They recommend going 3 times a week which I find very achieveable.

I was keen to join as it is a workout based around weightloss and toning (which I deff need!!!).

I pay £34 a month (which I guess is expensive for what it is - not having other factilites other than the 16 workout stations) but if it gets me into exercising (which so far so good) I feel it is money well spent. In the one I'm going to I had to commit to four months, and after this I can end membership if I want.

I have found it good and for me the reclutant exerciser - queen of unopened home exercise DVD workouts it is working ;)

They offer a monthly weigh in and take measurements if you want this - I'm looking forward to see my measurements (hopefully decrease) as I have only ever measured my weight since on CD. I'll be measured next week :eek:

Hope this is helpful - sorry I waffled a bit. :eek:
Thanks Happygolucky, that's just the kinds of things I needed to know. I suppose it is quite expensive but if you went 3 times a week then it wouldn't be too bad.

How do they time the 30 mins on each station ? Is there someone at each one to help you know what to do and time you ?
There's music playing but there is another track playing playing aongside this that tells you to move to the next station every 30 seconds.

You spend 30 second on each station and you do the circuit 3 times and once during the circuit the 'recorded voice' as such gets you to count you heart rate/pulse for 10 seconds and there is a chart on the wall which tells you what heart rate you should be aiming for - depending on age. This is useful to know if you should be pushing yourself a bit more or if you are working at the right level.

Hope this helps. :)
Hi, I feel i should say my opinion on Curves having joined, quit, joined again and quit agin.... Main reason being BORING..........

Sorry, but I think its VERY expensive for what it it, 16 stand alone weight machines on which you provide the resistance, not like at the gym where u can up your weights etc. After a few months of going around the circuit, its as boring as watching paint dry. If you compare the price 34 x 12 = £408 per year, surely gym membership is cheaper and they have cardio machines, weights, some have swimming pools, saunas and all have extra exercise classes you can go to if your a member.

I'm not knocking anyone else opinion, as we all differ, but just for me I thought I'd give the other side of the coin, so you can make an informed decision. I did go back a second time, but only lasted two weeks, I swore I would never do it again, its way to expensive and I don't know anyone who actually toned up to goal with it, and a friend of mine who is lovely and slim hasn't noticed any difference, she continues to go, as somewhere to go whilst the kids are at nursery in the mornings, she says herself she gets more fitness from walking to it every day than when she's there.

Hope this helps

cheers Caz
I used to be at Curves in Peterborough. It was run by an evil american woman and everyone was scared of her. The staff were lovely and it was ok but I much prefer my gym now where theres a pool and sauna, spa and steamroom and classes to attend. I used to get bruised a lot from freaking out as I had to change machines particularly when it was busy. I did the Curves diet which is Atkins based too. Lost quite a bit of weight but got bored eating the same kind of food each week.


thank you everyone, just considering all my fitness options for when i can start exercising (having just had tummy tuck).

tried the gym but never went.

am thinking either swimming at the local leisure centre, curves and the bigger gym with the pool rather than the one without the pool that i was a member of.

really want to go back to thai boxing but i think it will be a while before i'm allowed to get kicked in the stomach lol.
Agree, thanks all. I am really open to all opinions as I have no idea what it costs tojoin a gym but the thought terrifies me. I wouldn't know how to do any of the things and I thought if there were women only it would be less embarrassing.:(

Sorry to be thick but what can you do as a gym that you don't get to do at Curves then ? Does someone at a gym keep their eye on you and show you what to do.

And are gyms full of fit, beautiful people ?:eek: :)

Sorry to jump on your thread here Snail but this was a good topic :D
Sorry to be thick but what can you do as a gym that you don't get to do at Curves then ? Does someone at a gym keep their eye on you and show you what to do.

It really depends on the gym. Most gyms will have various different machines that you can use, and it's up to you how long you spend at each one (unlike the setup at Curves, where you do 30 seconds at each machine whether you like it or not). Generally, there will also be group exercise classes like Aerobics, where you can work out in a group environment - this can be great fun. Some gyms also have facilities such as swimming pools, squash courts, saunas, steam rooms, tennis courts etc.

At the gym, there will be staff who will be able to help you. You will almost certainly have to do an induction before you are allowed to use the gym - this is when they show you how all the machines work. Depending on the type of gym, you will often have the chance to have a basic programme designed for you as part of your induction. Some places will make you pay extra for this service. Some places will not only offer the service free, but also update your programme every 10 weeks or so free of charge (at least two of the gyms I work at do this).

And are gyms full of fit, beautiful people ?
Hell no, most gyms have all kinds of different people in them. Some can be a bit pretentious, but that's why you ask for a tour of the facilities before you join ;)
Curves? Yes I was part of Curves about 13 years ago. They had a really big one in Birmingham. Some of the branches were women only. Small gym if I remember - which got taken over by Lady in Leisure?

Anyway I am ssoooooo not bothered by men so go to Esporta and the such like.