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Curvy girls food diary....

Well here goes, first day of calorie counting, have day planned out so think iv done quite well so far, although correct me if im wrong lol :)

Breakfast – 2 shredded wheat with 125ml semi skimmed milk – 217cals

Snack – 2 go ahead strawberry yoghurt breaks slices – 148 cals

Lunch – 2 slices of wheaten bread with 100g prawns with 2 tbsp colmans seafood sauce & salad, fat free peach activia yoghurt – 412cals

Dinner – large baked potato with bacon & cheese, side salad & tbsp mayo – 741 cals

Total – 1518/1520

i scoffed 3 slices of pizza AFTER dinner no need!!!! a million calories :(
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YUM! :p
have to say it was yuuumm :)xx
absolutely no need for that pizza last night im digusted! but iv swept it under the carpet!

todays diary (26.11.10)

breakfast - 2 pancakes 316 cals

lunch - sunshine soup :) (2 veg stock cubes with sweetcorn, red & green pepper blended together) just going to count sweetcorn as i am not countin normal veg and theres not much in stock cubes :) - 63 cals
2 small sesame seed rolls with ham & mustard - 208 cals
fat free peach activia yoghurt - 75 cals

dinner - (not sure yet, will update later :) 858 cals to use )

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i WILL be good this week :)

Breakfast – 30g dorset raspberry & cranberry porridge with 125ml semi skimmed milk – 167 cals (only ate 3 mouthfuls tho)

Lunch – weight watchers mushroom & broccoli melt with side salad & peach activia fat free yoghurt & banana – 407 cals

Snack – 2 go ahead yoghurt breaks – 144 cals

Dinner – uncle bens mexican chilli con carne, lean mince & boiled rice, 2 slices of garlic bread - 675 cals

250ml of semi skimmed milk (used for coffee throughout day) 125cals

total - 1502/1520 :)
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Just checkin i can see my signature lol xx
thank u so much, i stuck to it yesterday so im chuffed :) and iv my day planned out 2day too, hope ur gettin on good :)xx

breakfast - 2 slices of hovis with 1/2 snack pot of beans - 277 cals

snack - 1 go ahead yoghurt break & oreo cookie - 126 cals

lunch - ww chicken pasta bake, fat free activia yoghurt & packet of tayto onion rings - 418 cals

dinner - ww beef lasagne, medium potato cut into chips n roasted in oven - 398 cals

250ml semi skimmed milk used throughout day for coffee :)125 cals

snack - small pack of space raiders & slice toast - 157 cals

total - 1501/1520 :)

had more bread than i should have and two packets of crisps but still within cals :)
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Breakfast – 2 slices of bacon & 2 eggs scrambled – 240 cals

Snack – small banana & thin dairy milk bar– 190 cals

Lunch – mushroom cup a soup, part baked petit pain with slice of ham, packet of wotsits – 415 cals

Dinner – gammon with 150g frozen chips & an egg - 527 cals

snack - skittles - 250 cals :(

250ml semi skimmed milk used for coffee throughout day – 125 cals

Total – 1747/1520 :(

ended up going over! but still below 2000 so im happy with that :)
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your doing really well curvygirl and your food sounds yummy
thank u :)xx
Wow is that all bacon and eggs is?! I've let bacon go off this week because I thought it was a huge amount....definately having that tomorrow!

Well done CG!
yeah accordin to my fitness pal and i also checked tesco online :)xx
Well i was doin good but not yesterday or today, all this snow is makin me want junk!im also in process of movin house!feel like just leavin it n startin again after xmas! New year n all that lol xx
Hi Georgina, you're bumping up diaries that haven't been written in for over a year so you probably won't get replies. There is a diary section up the top of the page, this section is more for general questions.

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