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Cruise PP Custard help

**lisaz** said:
My custards have turned out like sweet scrambled eggs. I followed the recipe from the book, is this normal or did I do something wrong?

Thanks Lisa x
Sounds like you've cooked the eggs quite literally. This is how I make mine:

Whisk egg yolks, splenda, 50ml cold milk, cornflour and vanilla.
Heat remaining milk in pan but do not boil then remove from heat and gently whisk into egg mixture.
return to pan and heat gently until thickened.

Good luck, it's really yummy :) xx

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As above. The recipe is basically as you'd cook the custard part for a creme brulee and you really don't need to bother faffing around with a bain marie in the oven; it often ends up with scrambled eggs.

As Diamond says, if you stir continuously over heat, not letting the mixture stick nor bubble, it'll thicken up and then you just need to pour it into ramekins and pop it into the fridge to set for a few hours.


Gone a bit quiet
The gap between thickened custard and scrambled egg is a few seconds! Keep looking at the mix on the back of the wooden spoon nd any hint of graininess you put the bottom of the pan straight into cold water and keep stirring.
I made these this morning for the first time and had one for dessert after lunch. It was a little bit runny but it was yummy! Have been craving sweet things recently so these will be very handy :)


** Chief WITCH **


** Chief WITCH **
Mine come out a little wobbly... I tend to leave them in the oven (with the oven turned off( to cool (and a lovely skin forms), then I cool them further in the fridge before eating ONE. (I say that because I once discovered that someone I was helping on a French site was eating the whole lot each day and wondering why she wasn't losing weight!)


** Chief WITCH **
How strange! Never had a problem. Even taught OH to make them! Cook them for longer perhaps? Is your oven fan assisted?
Yes, my oven is fan assisted. I might give them another try in a week or so. I'm really keen to have some kind of pastry type snack. I'll cook them a bit longer next time.
I did them in a Bain Marie. This is right, isn't it?

Hmmm...just figured out what I'd done wrong. Instead of using ramekin dishes to cook the custards I decided to use mini silicon sponge containers, for ease of washing. They obviously don't conduct heat very well. So, at 150°C the custard wasn't going to cook in 30 minutes.
Am going to try it again over the weekend using ramekins, this is obviously not the time for being lazy.
Thank you everybody.!



** Chief WITCH **
aaahhh yes perhaps indeed yes... Phew! I'm glad we got to the bottom of that one.

Pastry type snack... hmm... I use Mouse's goji victoria sandwich for weekend snacks at times, cut in small slices, but it's not pastry like.

You could make a "wrap" with your oatbran (spreading the galette mixture thinly onto a silicon sheet with a palette knife and baking...), and over cook it for crispiness (did that once inadvertently!).

If it's CRUNCH you're missing, how about vegetable crisps (slice with potato peeler and bake)? Or on PP day, protein crisps (cut up turkey slices and bake)?

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