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Hi all

Just wondered if any of you cycle on a regular basis?

I'm hoping to start cycling to work in the next couple of weeks (after a bit of practice because its 5 miles each way) and I just wondered if any of you have any top tips for beginners.

I think I'm going to be a bit of a scaredy-cat on the road to start off with but I'm sure my confidence will build with time.

So, any top tips? In fact, any tips at all? Do you find it helps with weightloss?


Jo x
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I cycle lots and to answer to your question it does certainly help weight loss. As for tips ... if your bike is older get it serviced as a first thing. You can get this done by your local shop, even at Halfords I believe or mobile service who do it at your home.. The next tip I would recommend that you purchase some clothing that it layer based. You should also consider a reflective top, this could be a bib or jacket type ( a must). You can find really good deals on Ebay and laterly on the web.
Next thing would be to consider has your bike got nobbley tyres or road tread tyres. I would suggest that you use road tyres for your needs. The basic nobbley of road types are hard going on the road.


The must things are:

Cycle helmet ( A must )
Lights for front and rear very cheap sets not at most super stores-(Legal must)
Carrier and bags or rucksack for your bits and pieces (as required)
Water Bottle and carrier
Puncture Kit and pump

If you get a sore bum when cycling ( excuse my persumption) a gel seat or gel seat cover are life safer.

That about it

Oh : If you would like to record your miles that you do, Halfords do a cheap milometer that you can fit. I like to add my miles up over the week/month... a rear motivator.

I hope this helps


Phil X
Hi Ya,

I have started to cycle to work. I try to do 2-3 times a week. my journey is approx 5.5 miles.

I hadnt been on a bike in years so i took my new bike out for a test spin and ended up on the main road. it really shook me up to start but i didnt let it get the better of me and went out again.

I was suprised how courteous car drivers were and now feel ok. I wear a helmet and also a high vis jacket. so i look like a geek but i know i am save!!

my 5.5 mile journey takes me about 30 mins. and sometimes i try to take some time off. only managed 2 mins so far!! but its a start.

I love it cos its myexcercise for the day and Idont have to go out of my way to do it. cos Idone it before Iget to work and then again before Iget home so the evening is all mine!!

Not sure about weightloss cos i only on my 3rd week doing SW and i put on this week, cos i was a naughty girl over the BH!

But i am sure it has to help!!


Gold Member
i can only last 5 mins on a bike it really kills me, i dont know how to get through that pain barrier :(
i can only last 5 mins on a bike it really kills me, i dont know how to get through that pain barrier :(
Really hun?, is that a road bike or bike in the gym?

I found the gym bike a bore but getting out into the fresh air is something else. I dont feel like i have been out long cos i taking in the scenery, lost in my thoughts. i would just keep at it hun.


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road bike

i can go on the cross trainer at home but for the life of me cannot manage a bike outdoors
I might have to cycle to work too it takes me 10 mins there and 10 mins back it is nice to get out in fresh air i go to work down back roads which is quiet but sometimes there is dog walkers out and have there dogs running lose which frightens me a bit thinking that the dog will run after my bike .
I have got a mountain bike with good tread tyres


loves food and cooking
Thanks for this thread - I will start cycling my daughter to and from school each day from September when she starts her new school. It has been a while since I cycled regularly - last time I was 5 months pregnant (with her - 7 years ago!) cycling across London each day to work - but I had to give up when my bump got so huge that the busses nearly blew me over!

I am looking forward to getting back into it, but am aware that I will be going from zero to 2 1/2 miles (each way, twice a day - that's 10 miles daily!) overnight.

My daughter is 7 and we will start with her on a tag along until her confidence on her own bike improves. All bikes have been serviced, and we have the right gear, but like OP, I would be interested in any ideas to help build stamina and build up my confidence again.


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I'm looking to buy a bike so I can do some cycling this summer.
I have just recently bought my bike, its a hybrid bike. and it rides lovely. its lighter than a mountain bike and the tyres are thinner so its not so clumpy. i went round some bike shops to have a look in the flesh. there are some lovely ones out there! i found a nice shop with a nice man who explained alot to me. ie sizes, types accessories.

Then i went and had a look on the net and found the same ones about £60 cheaper and it got delivered to me!!

To build up stamina i guess the same with running or swimming. you just need to do little rides out. maybe timing it rather than saying you have to do 2 miles. Say go out for ten miles. then i use 'map my run' website. put in your route and it tells you how many miles you have done. i bet you will be suprised.

me and the OH go out together most weekends. one day we just went out for a leisurely cylce and i worked out we had done 7 miles!!

So good luck! i love it and i love my bike!! lol
I just started cycling last week. I was like bambi on ice initially but i think my confidence is building now, having said i still daren't ride on the road. I've been keeping track of my mileage and so far i've done 13miles. Not bad for someone who hasn't sat on a cycle in 20 years!
Thanks for all your replies - and fab top tips. Looks like there's going to be a few of us starting to cycle soon so good luck to everyone.

I contacted my local council to ask about training courses for adults and got an email back saying that they are free to local residents, can be done on a 1 to 1 basis or as a group, tailored to individual needs, and the instructor also trains the police bike riders to advanced stage (so he must know his stuff)!!!

So I'd definitely say its worth contacting your local council if you're worried about road safety/awareness/confidence etc.

Jo x


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I used to cycle to and from work, when i first moved to Eastbourne, but some bloke in a van made a comment about my big bottom, not that politely of course, and it has put me off and i cant bring myself to cycle since then, almost 5 years ago. :(
what a horrible man!!

hope you gave him the finger!!
What a complete wazok!

I was reading a cycling forum the other day and they were talking about how 'happy slappers' have reached the biking world ..... apparently youths have taken to driving really close to a cyclist then leaning out of the car window and giving them a slap on the behind!!

(mind, if anyone did that to me, their hand would be vibrating from the impact for about half an hour)!! lol
omg!! really!!!!! not happened to me yet!!! lol bloody idiots.

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