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Hiya all,
I have had cystitis over the weekend and bought some stuff for it from the chemist.
It seems to have knocked me out of ketosis (think it had citrus in it or something!)
Has anyone else had this experience - I asked the chemist if he had tablets but no, I had to have 6 of these sachets over 2 days!!!
GRRRRRR - I'm starving again!lol
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MUST get a grip
Ouch - nasty and painful! I only know the cranberry thing, which wont help - ooooo cranberry bars eat them all day :D:D:D....

Obviously the water will help flush it all through but other than antibiotics not sure what else you can do????

You've really been through it hun - sending you big hug xxxx


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Don't stop taking the med though. better to get it over and done with. You can manage the hunger thing, you have done it before. It's a bugger but you don't want to mess about with cystitis.
I suffered from cystitis constantly for a year, and irritable bladder (as a result of fibromyalgia) for the last two years, with intermittent bouts of cystitis. I know how horrid it is and how awful you feel at the moment, but just keep on chugging that water... best way I've found to get rid of it. Because cystitis relief powder is basically sodium citrate, you will end up with some citric acid in your system.

I feel for you hun :( can't be easy being hungry and having that! *lotsa hugs*
Grrr, i did that in november. Not that you are out of ketosis can i give you a huge tip?

Drink Robinsons Lemon Barley water by the bucket load and drink it strong. It settles your pH levels and your cystitis will go in 2-3 days. It's also a brilliant cure for thrush. It will severly affect your weight loss and will prob add a few lbs, but i reeeeeeally think it's worth it cos it'll cure you sooner!

Lemme know if you try it xxx


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Oh my, cystitis is so painful. But I agree with the poster who said that it is better to cure yourself properly, even if it means you're out of ketosis. It can degenerate pretty badly if not taken care of. When it happened to me I was drinking as if my life depended on it.

Elie x

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