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daft question i know

and i know everyone is different but technically with 6 stone to lose, how much could i lose in 6 weeks, i want to do this as a change in lifestyle, but had a family do dropped on me last night and just wondering if i could make a difference before then
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It would be impossible to predict, everyone loses at there own pace. As the people on here first told me, Atkins is a lifestyle not just a diet. You WILL lose that six stone but it's a case of being patient and letting your body do the work. If it's any sort of rough guide for u tho, ive been on Atkins for 3 weeks and am 1lb away from losing a stone. And I too have about 6 to lose. And I already get compliments about how I look x
If you do really strict induction it's possible to lose 8 - 12 lbs in 6 weeks. I lost about 6lbs in my first week on induction and then 2lbs each week after. I was and am very strict when i do induction though. Just meat and green leaf veggies, no S/F or L/C food at all.
I am losing a lb a day at the moment (yes I know I shouldn't be weighing myself everyday).

I started on Friday and am now 5lb down. I have 10 stone to lose though and I have been known to lose 10lb on the first week of a diet

As everyone has said, everyone loses at their own pace and I am not expecting to keep this loss up long term - it is nice though :D
thanks guys, i want to do this as a lifestyle change im soooooo tired all the time even when i wake up and im sure its all the carbs i eat. I did atkins when i was 10st 7 i wish now) because i thought i was fat and lost a stone in three weeks. I was thinking if i could lose that when i didnt need to that i should lose a stone to a stone and half in 6 weeks. With slimming world and ww i too usually lose between 9 and 1olb in first week ( just doesnt change the sluggesh way i feel though, so fingers crossed i can do this. I ve stopped drinking diet coke over a month ago ( which i was seriously addicted to) so im hoping this will help to,

Anyhow i start 2moz woo hoo
Hellooooooo there,

I don't think you could lose 6 stones but I do think you could aim for 2 stones, if like others have said, you follow induction strictly (which isn't as hard as it sounds). I've found setting myself smaller targets helpful as it helps me keep up the momentum.

Like the guys n dolls say tho, everyone's different. I lost about 20lb in the first month.

Good luck, you can do it! :)
jaxmummy - day 1

well here goes day one. Just had some sugar free jelly ( will tie me over as quick brekkie till i have done the school run ). Still unsure what else to have, got a load of stuff in but will see where the day takes me

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