Dagnamit and bother....


Happily on CD
I've run out of CD and can't get hold of my CDC. I was hoping to get to see her this evening as I only had 2 packs for the day. I've had to have some chicken and broccoli for my dinner - it was that or starve.

I've been ringing and ringing and have now left a message and also emailed her twice, I'm just hoping she's not away and can see me tomorrow. I really don't want to have to eat but I might have no flaming option :mad:

Sorry about this thread but I am feeling really peed off as I have been so good this week :mad:
btw - who is that in your avatar, babes? I can't see it clearly enough - my eyes aint wot they were - getting on, you see! lol
LMAO, Issy you should know who it is
think of Hex.....

It's the gorgeous Michael Fassbender and just so that my dear Queen can see him I'll post the full pic below....

Yeah it's only fake
that's him in his role as Azazeal in Hex - he could hex me anytime ;) phwoarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Ermmmm how is this thread going twice????
NO he's mine, I saw him first! Get your own :p
Yippeeee just got through to her ladyship, she can see me tomorrow. What's the best thing to have for brekkie as I won't last until about 7pm without anything at all:rolleyes:
Oooh good idea boiled eggs it is shame I can't have the soldiers though I need sumat to dip into em!