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Daily Allowances


It really does work! :)
I completed my second day on LipoTrim yesterday, but it was a bit awkward.

I was working away which involved up at 5:30am to catch a plane then I got home at 8:30pm.

I only had the 2 shakes available to me, so I opted for 1/2 a shake early in the morning (I find a full one too bloating), so didn't fancy doing a full one at that time.

I then spent the rest of the day on water and coffee.

When I got home I had a bit of a dilemma, because I still had 1 1/2 shakes to go.

I read on the paperwork, that you must have "all" of your allowance everyday.

So I forced my self to have the lot. To be honest I wasn't hungry after the second half of the first shake, but I want to stick to this to the letter.

Was I right to do that, or could I have missed??

Anyway, day three today and I've woke up quite bright and bubbly (for a man lol), just waiting for the ketosis to kick in sometime during the day! lol
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My husband = My hero
Really need to try and have your shakes hun, their jam packed with vitamins and minerals, and everything essential to keep you ticking over..

especially as you ony have 2 a day, i would reallllly try your best to have them...

i have missed the odd one, but wouldnt make a habbit of it...

well done for making it to day 3!!! x
Hi and welcome. It is vital that you have all your packs each day as they contain all the vital nutrients, vitamins etc that your body needs to survive each day. It doesn't really matter what time you have them, as long as you get them all in.

Good luck, it does get easier, and once you get yourself into a routine it will be easier still x x


It really does work! :)
Thanks for the encouragement ladies.

I just wanted to be sure that taking them all was the right thing, so at least I'm happy about that.

I called at the chemist this morning to swap a couple of the strawb shakes for flapjacks and chicken soup. I've heard they are a bit dull, but the flapjacks would work out better for me on days that I have to travel like yesterday.

Looks like I got something right then! :)


My husband = My hero
yeah Flapjacks might be better for you as you ca nibble through the day... they do take some getting used to ha but stick with them, more for the convenience than anything!!

sounds like your doign really well, so hang in there and keep us updated on your losses!! xx


It really does work! :)
Will do Lauren, just started a daily diary post...thought it would be nice to document it for others wanting to start and a motivational tool for me...at the end of the day, I won't want to be posting about giving up will I! :)


My husband = My hero
You know what, thts exactly what keeps me going...

i get so busy encouraging everyone else, im almost embarassed into not cheating!!

works for me, each to their own, but a diary is a fab idea, alot of people have stayed on the wagon because of them!

and as i am a regualar spammer, u will see me around in your i expect!!


on the up lol
good luck with your LT, make sure you get all ya shakes/soup in as you need them, also the flapjacks your not spose to have them till week 2 ;)


I will be skinny again!!!
I havent heard of that either...

I dont think the pharmasist would have given you them had you not been allowed them...

Good luck Maj :D


on the up lol
Nope if my mem, is good i think u find u cant have them in first week, im sure my sis, chemist told her 2 a few weeks bk ( no flapjacks ) till week 2 ;)
heya (waves)

I have come across some prev threads that mention flapjacks.

Most people are told not to have them till 2/3 week in as it gives you false insight to chew and can lead to picking.

Ahh, just re-read your post.

You shouldn't have been given flapjacks in your first week hun. We're not allowed to have them until the second week, so I really wouldn't have it for your lunch. They're also yucky if that makes it any easier...
this was from a prev thread, cant get the link to work for some reason,



It really does work! :)
Hmmmm....strange chemist didn't mention anything.

Leaves me in a fun position today then, as i've come to work armed with 2 flapjacks only.....gonna be a long day ahead :(

Is it purely just a picking issue or is there some other reason too?

I'd like to think my will-power could get me through...
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I am not sure, i think its just the picking issue, maybe you should check with the chemist or Lipotrim.

Remember to add 1/2 pint water extra to those flapjacks, im sure it will help them go down too ;)

Will power is all you need....:D:D:D:D:D


It really does work! :)
Just rang my chemist and they guy who deals with it isn't in until 4pm, but they said they'll ring him just to confirm, so should know by lunchtime (hopefully before). :)

The guy who gave them me yesterday morning, was the same guy I spoke to, so maybe he wasn't fully aware, although I did say it was my first week....ah well...we shall see...
Good, if hes not sure then ask him to confirm it with Lipotrim, im sure you have the will power to stick to LT otherwise you wouldnt have started :D:D

I know whats its like to be busy and i havent tried the flapjacks and i dont want to be tempted to chew.

Hope he gets back to you soon...;)


It really does work! :)
To be honest, I only got flapjacks because of the urge to chew over the first 2 days....not so inclined now, but don't want to go back and change them again. lol


It really does work! :)
Just heard back from the chemist and it's fine to have them first week.

He said they don't usually recommened them as a day one thing, otherwise the likelihood is that someone will never try the shakes, whereas in my case 4 days into it should be a problem...besides, I only got the two. lol


I will be skinny again!!!
Id be careful because I had the flap jacks last week and I nearly cheated like 4 times that week... I def wont be getting them again as It did make me think about chewing and tasting foods again... But everyone is different and you may be a stronger person than myself lol!!

Glad your not going to be stuck without food though :)

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