Daily diary


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I Guys here is my diary for today

1 pot fruit n fibre
Milk out of allowance

Lunch Ww pasta n meatball

Power snack apple

Dinner bgty shepherds pie mixed veg

Power snack alpen light total cAls 1133

Excercise bike 30 mins

Weigh in weds for 1st week xx
Hi guys here is my diary as of today

Brekkie fruit n fibre wig skimmed milk out of 450 ml allowance

Lunch Ww pot of chicken and butternut squash curry

Dinner fish pie with veg

Power snacks pack of shapers boots grapes and 1 pack of mixed fruit from shapers

Total cAls 1141

Am I doing this right guys

Any advice appreciated xx

Linda xx
look fine to me. Might be worth posting your questions on the main forum and not on the diary part. Hope this helps