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daily mail today

Just read in the paper that a lady has died whilst on LL, she was into her 11 week and just died her heart stopped suddenly. The post mortem was inconclusive however the coroner said this may have had something to do with the VLCD. Im due to start LL tomorrow on a refresher and only have 2.5 to lose this time..but it has me a wee bit concerned.
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The daily mail said it was something to do with VLCD or the coroner? Inconclusive but could be linked to VLCD? Well, that's not inconclusive is it, simply speculation which isn't based on any fact whatsover. Did they mention it could have been weight related, hence her being on a VLCD in the first place?

Daily Mail hate LL and are scaremongering. I'm healthier than I ever have been having done it. You'll be fine! x
Daily Mail = Daily Fail. They scaremonger and write with such biased and one-sided cynacism that they're not worth listening to (well, reading, but you know what I mean).

This has come up a few times, an individual dies either through doing the diet wrong (such as the lady who gulped down 4 litres of water in half an hour) or for "inconclusive reasons" - it's far more likely that her heart gave out from years of being obese, hidden conditions caused by or made worse by her weight etc.

The DM are happy to report on an unfortunate individual and bash LL for it, but they'll never mention the thousands who have benifited from the program and are happier and healthier than ever.

Don't worry - soon you too will be amoung us thousands of people too :)
Exactly right Rachel. It was probably more weight related then anything.

Never ever believe anything in such an unreliable source as the Daily Fail. Rubbish.

Lola, you know we have seent hese arguments before - if people were dropping like flies, then there would be no one here posting, talking about how healthy they feel and are getting. You know what the diet is like, and how you felt on it.

Don't buy into the hysteria. ;)


nice to see you again by the way. :)
Hi lola

If I don't post on here tommorrow I have probably dropped dead!
At least I know they'll be able to carry my coffin smothered in lovely scented flowers.
I'll be the skinny one inside with a smile on my face xxx:kissass:
I read that as well and it scared me at first and then I thought, heck I was nearly 26 stone in June before I joined. I did a week low carb low cal while I waited to start and now I am on week 13 and under 20 stone. What was unachievable in June (to lose at least 15 stone) is now becoming a reality. There was a risk (HUGE RISK) to be that weight. There is a risk to a gastric band and I am sure there is much less of a risk (if any) to being on the LL program.

It also said in the article that the woman who died saw her doctor every TWO months. Now I know if there is no underlying probs you can see a chemist or nurse to get the form signed but this sentence alone didn't read right.

I got an picture of this article in the YEP, texted to me tonight by one of my friends. I said exactly the same to her, for the few bad press that have been put out about this diet, thousands and thousands have been fine!

Why can't people understand? On a side note, do you think if say - Your partner doesn't want you to do this and ou do it anyway, it will reflect in how well you do?
I know how good the diet is I lost nearly 5 stone last year, but have put 2 back on. Its just a little scarey 2nd time around and I only have myself to blame. I did excellent on leaving LL and this yr OH lost his job so turned to food for comfort. Hes now back in work and I feel ready to start this again to feel as good as I did last year. You are all so right about the scare mongering, but in recent mnths I have become more anxious than normal, it may have something to do with the redundency, I need to get right back on track...Oh and Hi BL, your looking great :)

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