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daily or weekly syns..

Just curious how everyone works their syns, do you do them daily or do you use 105 for the week? I know SW do not recommend using them weekly but I do think this would probably work better for a lot of people... just interested to see what everyone thinks and if weekly syns work for some :D
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Always trying!
I use mine weekly. My WI day is a Saturday and I use a chuck of them for some wine in a Saturday night then I use the rest up over the course of a week.

I guess it all comes down to what works for you and what suits your lifestyle
Weekly doesn't work for me - I need the structure of having a limite number each day. If I do weekly I end up using too many and never cutting back on other days so the week just goes to pot.
Thanks for all ur replies :D i think il probably vary mine depending on what im doin and whether iv a meal or night out.. this week will probably be weekly as im out with the girls thurs and also will be movin house but im determined not to go of plan :D
I've just started, but think what i'm going to do similar to you Curvygirl87. I''ll use minimal (if any syns) in the week like 5 a day or none if I can, just to give me a bit of leaway on the weekend when someone else might cook for me, or if go out for a dinner and can't be sure its syn free :S

Kinda like damage control.

Also if I don't end up useing more syns it might help boost a loss! :)

*fingers crossed* xx
I vary it week to week. If I really really want something on wi day that isn't diet and iv been craving it all week then I'll have it on wi day and do my syns weekly that week! If I'm feeling good and there's nothing I particularly fancy then I'll do daily!
It seems to be working for now!

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