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daily rabbit - day 6

:) morning everyone!! fellow slimmers, ravers etc lol hows everyone today?

im ready for another day of water drinking and toilet stops lol i had a really filling egg salad last night but i have to admit i had a slice of ham with it too then about an hour later i was hungry again but i resisted. yesterday i managed to have a small apple for my 1st snack and a plum for my 2nd and half a cs bar for my 3rd so im getting beter. i have an apple and a plum put in my bag for at my course today incase i get peckish, to make yesterday even more difficult we were doing an analysis on tunnocks (a biscuit company in scotland) and all i could think about was their yummy range of goods! I wont go into detail about the 'yummy range of goods' lol

I havent a clue what to have for my dinner tonight - oh ive chicken ill take that out! Chicken salad or chicken and stir fry veg, ill see how i feel later. Anyway beter get to it, my 6month old son cant seem to fix his own brekkie for some reason lol

Hope everyone is feeling good today!
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Eloquent hooligan
Ewwww egg ! Everyone knows egg is the devils food... it smells like Satan's armpit...

The snacking seems healthy & reasonable there Emily :)

PS Tunnocks yummmmmmmm..... they are lusssssssh :) The largest Scottish export since domestic violence & public drunkeness :D Are they still family-owned ?

I've got my annual appraisal today so I'm behaving myself (for once) ;) Hope everyone has an ace day :D
lol howdy i wish i was a fly on the wall to see you behaving, it almost seems wrong to put you and that word in the same sentance haaaaaa! i know egg stinks but sure, needs must! hope you appraisal goes well.

i think tunnocks are still family owned, i used to go to school just down from it and they still drove about in those wee vans lol dont know if u know what im talking about?
Wouldn't ya kill for a Tunnocks Caramel log right now!! Mybe CS would do a tea cake flavoured bar??

Or a shortbread flavoured shake - delish !
teacakes are the bees knees lol but yeah i give my granny and her jewels for one


Eloquent hooligan
Come on then smelly... how's yer day been ?

I'm a day behind you so looking forward to your WI on Saturday :)

Today I've had

Brekkie - vanilla shake with coffee
Snack - double esspresso & a fag
Lunch - small salad bowl (raw peppers / cucumber / celery) with a slice of off-the-bone ham
Snack - small apple
Dinner - CS tomato soup
Snack to have later - small apple

Hey Howdy

Coffee n a fag for a snack! ha ha! made me giggle - not many carbs in that!!

lol thats what i have for breakfast! i wonder if they would bring out a 'coffee and fag flavour shake' lol i prefer to be addressed as scabby to smelly right now thanks very much lol

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