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Daily Syns?


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Ok being new to SW at our meeting we were told to stick to 10 syns a day and we could not carry them over so if not used that day we lost them. I have however seen folk posting that they bank syns for weekend if something on. I know on ww I used to save my points for weekend for wine and treat but was not sure if it was ok to do this with syns. Any advice on this matter would be appreciated. I am failing miserably at the mo as wine is my downfall at a weekend and it is so high in syns. Thanks x
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My consultant has said it's ok to save them up....obviously not over weeks, but to save for the wine at the weekebd is ok as far as I am aware. :)


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you will get a 50/50 split on this one. I know long termers who start with 105 syns at the beginning of the week and count down from that and some who stick strictly to daily syns. Both ways can work but I would advise testing to see how your body reacts. xxxxx
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I am told I can save them too, for nights out etc... xx


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I start the week with 105syns and countdown from that ~ it's been working for me so far. I know a lot of people use their syns on a daily basis but I tried this for 2weeks and found it more difficult as like you I enjoy my wines at the weekend!!xx


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when i joined i was told to do them over a week 105 for the week then count down i found this quite good because if i went over my 15 in the day it did not feel i had blown it



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It makes me mad that some SWC's say that. I have always used them weekly and our SWC says we can use them daily or weekly whatever suits us best. Some people HAVE to use them daily or they will have them all in one day and nothing left for the rest of the week but that's about personal choice. As long as you have them all within the WI week it's fine


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As I understand it, this is 'old plan' and 'new plan' - both ultimately are SW and will work though - they put their name to both methods once.

The 'older' idea is that you have a weekly amount and count down, allowing in advance for a high syn weekend etc.

The 'newer' idea is to have a daily allowance, and if you need to go over that, then to have a 'flexi syns' day where the idea is to give yourself a 'budget' of syns, keep counting, stay aware, and stay in control (but this is not then taken out of another day's allowance).

SW's intention is that you always feel satisfied, and never feel deprived - whichever system works best for you is the one you should follow IMHO :eek:
Hiya, what I tell my members is that the minute they get off the scales their 105 syns (or 70 syns, whichever you allow yourself) starts from that minute and they can spend them however they wish in the next 7 days. They're not children so I don't tell them what they should be using them on, it makes no difference to your weight loss and if it keeps you on track by having a blowout one night and you don't mind using less on other days then go for it.
I've been doing SW on and off for a few months but I finally joined a group last week.

My consultant said that I can carry my syns over to another day.
On Sat I had a Chicken kebab and a twirl :D so I have to have less syns for the rest of the week.

I have only had one Syn today which is fine with me as I have filled up on free food such as Potatoes, veg and quorn!
Its very strange how two different leaders tell you different things isnt it?
I think regardless of what the consultant advises, it's about finding what's right for you. Because this is intended to be a plan you can safely follow for life you have to make it fit around you and your family and lifestyle so where as 10 syns every day may suit you one week, you may need to use more on a particular night the following week.
It's not about whether one consultant is right or wrong, it's about you taking control of your syns and making them work for you.


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Our consultant answered this question last week, and she said that the reason they now say have them daily is so that they are not encouraging binge drinking at the weekend by saving all of your syns for one night.

I can kind of understand it, but I know that if I am having a heavy weekend I will reduce my syns for the week, and then sometimes still have a loss, or at least only gain 1lb.
Ooh you know I will do this for next week. Start the week off with 105 syns and deduct as necessary. That's quite a good way of looking at it :) Thanks x

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