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Dairy of a yoyo!!

Am on day 6 after a month of calorie controlled dieting. 1600 cal a day apparently isn't enough. Started at 19st 13, lost 18lbs with cal control then stopped loosing and gained a bit before heading to ww in a massive strop!

First meeting was amazing. Weighed in at 18st13 and started my propoints towards my 5%-aiming for 18st!

Feeling happy and full. But can't attend my normal meeting as i have a parents evening tonight, I'm a teacher!!! So I'm weighing in a day early at another meeting with my monthly pass! And it's the totm!!! I am worried!!

Will update tonight!!!!
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Thank you! Took some before photos!! YUK!!!


Front :(


Today's menu thus far-

Sultana bran 48g 4pp
200ml milk 4 day 1pp
Tea x 3 0pp

Ww lemon chicken risotto 9pp
Pineapple 0pp
Walls mini twister 1pp

Pepper and balsamic filled pasta 9pp
Smokey bacon and tomato sauce 2pp
Low fat cheese 7g 1pp

Bag of wotsits 3pp
2 curly wurly 6pp (can u tell it's nearly TOTM?!?)

Chese and onion squares crisps 3pp
Alpen light bar 2pp
Ww Carmel wafer 2pp

Total used 41/41
Remaining week 15

Normal WI day Thursday, WI TONIGHT!!!!! :-/
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Fatty_no_more said:
Ahhhhhh good luck!
Hun u look fine trust me I look a million times worse! Smile tho lol. X
I know right?! Miserable!!! Then I looked and realised why my measurements mean I've gone from hour glass to apple at Evans!! X
Hopefully I will too!! X
I lost 2.5lbs!!!!
I'm So thrilled! I'm having a smile and a curly wurly!!!! X

Edit!!!! I don't smoke!!!!!!!
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Hell yes! Celebrating with a smile and a curly wurly!!
Ok so, very long day at work with parents evening. Am shattered and have been hungry today! Just not very organised!

So here's how today has gone....
Sultana bran 4pp
200ml milk for day 1pp
We yogurt 1pp
Squares cheese and onion 3pp
Tea x 3 0pp
Chicken cuppa soup 3pp
KFC BBQ rancher twister (mmmmm) 11pp
KFC med fries 7pp
Diet coke 0pp
Curly wurly 3pp
Asda low cal chicken tikka with pilau 10pp
Freddo 3pp

41/41+ 5 dailies.

Not much green and leafy today so might have a salad in a bit :) x
You are so lovely sweetie! X
Ok so food today-

75g fat free strawberry yogurt 1pp
Blueberries 0pp
Special k mini bites 2pp
2 ww yogurt 2pp
3 tea bags 0pp
Milk for the day 200ml 2pp
Babybel mini x 2 3pp
Wotsits 3pp
Curly wurly 3pp
Warbeton square wrap 4pp
100g tinned tomatoes 0pp
2 mushrooms 0pp
Teaspoon oregano 0pp
35g 1 slice ham 1pp
30g half fat cheese 2pp
Onion 0pp
Pepper 0pp
Spice mix 1pp
Chicken breast 4pp
Salsa 1pp
3 soft tortillas 12pp
Diet coke 0pp
Diet lemonade 0pp
Ww banoffee whip 2pp
Banana 0pp

Total 41/41 no weeklies!
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Yummy ham and mushroom warbie pizza!! A new lunch feature!!!!! 7pp!!!!


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