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Daisy's daily diary x


Ok i made it through day one with no real problems felt a little shakey before bed and got a little bit of a head ache so just drank more water ...i had a few toilet trips in the night which i was not impressed with as i love my bed and my bathroom is downstairs in the cold!! But apart from that im feeling really good im just having my 1st shake now and waiting for my sister to come round so we can watch movies..minus the popcorn, so far so good i say ,this may change later ill keep you informed !!:cool:
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woohoo well done to you, its so annoying getting up to pee, but nice warm bed to run back to.

Well done to getting through day one :)

what films ya watching?


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i havent seen p.s i love you, is it any good?

i saw Eagle eye the other day thats a good film, oh and Max payne was ok not brilliant.
i havent seen it yet either i have it stored on my sky + box apparently its a good film and makes you cry ..me and my sister are pathetic when we are together watching something emotional you should have seen us when Vera duckworth died :D
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Well done Daisy! Your post made me smile as I also have a downstairs bathroom and it was a pain in the backside, but think of all the exercise ;):D

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ps i love you is a really good film I saw it at the cinema...
we ended up watching die hard 4.0 instead ..dont ask :rolleyes:

well at about 3 pm i tried the peppermint tea choc and loved it !!!

and just out of curiosity i just peed on a stick and it seems im on the 1st stage of ketosis , which im made up with as it proves im moving in the right direction !!


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congrats and well done...fingers crossed for a fab weight loss this week - keep going xx
Well done Daisy, you are getting through it girl. I found day 1 and 2 the worst, but not that bad really. Good luck for a good weigh in which will be a great boost.
ok had my last shake about an hr ago and still feeling really good ..i even made tea for my friend when he came home tonight and wasnt tempted one bit !!

roll on day 3 .
Ok i knew it was to good to be true .. last night went to bed about 12 ish with a bad headache and feeling sick, so i waited up till my ex got home as i needed a hug big time which he gave me , and he told me how proud of me he was, which gave me a little boost ..but woke up this morning feeling a little shakey and an awful taste in my mouth, so i did a wee stick and it has gone darker which im happier about ..i have just got to try get through today ( so glad i had booked today and tomorrow off)
oh well the sickness stayed at bay for a few hrs but i feel really rotten however im not gonna break im hoping this is going to be my last and only bad day ..:jelous:
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Hi keep going with it, by all accounts it passes on the first week.. roll on your ketosis and a fab first week weigh in x


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oh well the sickness stayed at bay for a few hrs but i feel really rotten however im not gonna break im hoping this is going to be my last and only bad day ..:jelous:


yep it can be rough and shakey for awhile but I trust it'll be ok tomorrow or at worst day after! well done for sticking with it! nice to have an OH to give u the cuddles etc!

Thats what I'm missing!
OK day 3 was the worst so far bad head bad stomach and bad taste in my mouth ..but i got through it with the help of my ex - i had a craving for toast which is strange because i never really ate bread b4 lipotrim?? anyway didnt get to sleep till 4 am and thought i was gonna die !:8855:

Day 4 - Has started off well apart from the mingin taste in my mouth - i did a sneaky weigh in and it said i was 8lbs lighter whic i know may not be exactly right but but it has given be a boost , just finished my 1st shake and 1st bottle of water and im actually going to venture out today :eek::8855: hope the rest of the day goes well
Well its half past 5 and im feeling really good again the foul taste is still there but im ok ..im so happy as im back at work tomorrow well for 4 hrs i am ha ha my ex is taking me the pics tomorrow afternoon for a treat and i will be taking bottled water only ! :D


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well done so far keep it up I'll look out for your first weight loss post!

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