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Damage limitation!


No pain, no gain
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Hi girls. I'm going way with my OH for two days next week. I'm going to having an evening meal out and one breakfast. Any ideas on what I could have to stay in ketosis and do the least damage. I know I should really stick to plan but any ideas appreciated xxxxx :-D
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As long as you're sure that it's the right thing to do. Coming back to abstinence after a break is a lot harder than you think. :)

But, as a way to limit damage, I suggest lean protein (with NO sauces - or scrape them off... Sauces often have a lot of hidden fat, sugar etc). So think of a deck of cards sort of portion of meat/fish/quorn. Make sure that the protein is grilled rather than fried. Also, small portion of boiled/steamed vegetables, and salad with no dressing preferrably (or do ask them if they do fat-free versions or opt for a little balsamic vinegar).
Carbohydrates of all kinds - stay away from them! :)
For the breakfast, you can probably opt for a poached egg or two. Maybe some mushrooms, though with cooked breakfasts it's rare that they dont fry it all in a pan drenched in fat. I would also stay away from fruit as it is high in sugar. Fat-free yoghurts are also deceiving as they can have a surprising amount of sugar in them to make the texture thicker.
Food is a real minefield once we get right into it, but this is a diet after all! It's all for the greater good in the end. :)
Oh, and no alcohol! Though if you MUST - a single spirit measure (vodka, gin, etc) and some slimline tonic/sugarfree fizzy - equals to about 52 calories and doesn't usually knock you out of ketosis as the body sets about burning the alcohol rather than fat instead.

Though, of course, you can always do what many of us have done in the past - and 'abstain' while away! It's not the end of the world, there will be other weekends/holidays away from home in the future. It depends what will hurt more - not giving in to the rebellious child inside (but I want to have a good time on holiday!!!) or fighting the rebellious child later when it's time to get back on plan (but I don't need this, I've broken my abstinence, there is no point!!!). I'd have said, the latter is more painful, but that's in my personal opinion. Everyone's different. :)

I've certainly done both options, went on holiday, came back and getting back on plan was extremely painful, but I did it, just the child inside hated me for it. And later I've also stuck to plan while on a different holiday and felt absolutely fabulous coming back to Weigh-In day, 2 weeks later, having lost a whole bunch of weight knowing I did everything I needed to, as I should - no excuses! Best. Feeling. Ever!

I advise, looking at the menus of the place you're going to beforehand as well, so that you can be prepared and can plan your stay ahead. Calorie count if you have to and try to remain below 850 calories maximum per day.
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No pain, no gain
S: 13st7lb C: 13st7lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks Minerva.
That's really helped me. I know I should stick to the plan but I'm in this for the long haul and I want to try and make the right choices. I have a two week holiday in 6 weeks and I do intend to enjoy. My LLC wants to see me a couple of days before so she can run through some options with me. It will be either introduce food (ketogenic) or do LLL for the two weeks. I am definitely going straight back to group when I get home. I'm not going to make the same mistake twice. I feel I'm in a better frame of mind this time around as I'm being honest with myself. Thanks again for the advice. VERY much appreciated. Xxxxxx???

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