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Dancing on Ice

Put it this way, if he stays in until the end, I'll have buns of steel ;)



Where's Skinny Minnie?
lol - true, so I guess I should be looking at his performance as part of my exercise programme
For sure!!



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Well last week he made use exercise our stomach muscles with all the laughter. This week bums and chins from the oooooh's and sucking your breath in LOL


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Ah, there you all are, I've been talking to myself over on the original thread!! LOL

Glad I've found you all now though.

Did feel really sorry for that guy that fell over, he's not really a celebrity as such(porbably why I can't remember his name), so obviously not used to playing up to the camera's like the rest. But trying really hard not only to master skating, but also learn to play up to those camera's & that audience.
oh but it is a right larf , and we all love tucker !!


Must try harder...
Who went?! I missed it coz I had to record Wild At Heart coz h2b (grrrr!) was watching Darts! :mad: So was watching what I'd recorded and forgot to check who went it had finished by the time I remembered - d'oh!!!
See now that's just not fair in my book. Michael did loads better, has improved and it's not really on that Todd stays in. It's John Sergeant on skates! Worse even! I mean, I know he's trying bless his lycra leggings, but when he's still in at the expense of those who are doing better...

Still...all good fun though!

Oh, Melinda annoys me too.


Where's Skinny Minnie?
Not to be rude but there's no way on this earth that Colleen is a size 10! She looked a right little barrel in her outfit, they'll say anything to sell their dvds.
Also, Vanessa Feltz was never a size 10 either! If she was a size 10 I'm Posh Spice's skinny friend (I know that's off topic but another irritating fib that warps peoples body images grrrr) x

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