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Dangerous BMI

Hi, this has come up before and I believe the person you're refering to is an Asian woman and a BMI of 17 is perfectly acceptable. Also I have an friend who's BMI is 18, GP was worried but she is not emaciated, she just has a very narrow frame....and eats like a horse! BMI charts are not the gospel of what we should weigh. They provide an average and some people will be lower or higher but still be perfectly healthy. Incidentaly, my friend had a medical for her mortgage recently and told the DR she was concerned because of her GP telling her she was underweight. He measured her with calipers and her body fat was at a perfect level. As I said before her bones don't stick out she just has a very slight frame. Me at that kind of BMI would be seriously ill!
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I live with a medic who said that people of asian decent are classed as overweight if they have a bmi of over 23. I guess that is beause they are much more petite. I really want to go on holiday to Thailand but not at this size cos I really will stick out like a sore thumb!

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