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Dangers of drinking alcohol whilst in ketosis


my understanding of the alcohol and ketosis thing is that it is because on a vlcd like cambridge you do not replenish your glycogen stores to significant levels. Your brain's major source of energy is glycogen. Therefore the small amount of glycogen we produce from our packs is used mostly by our brain. There is something about that small amount of glycogen, it being the brain's main source of energy, the effect of alcohol on the liver when in mild ketosis that is behind it all (I can never remember the detail of things after a few months).

Anyway, with Atkins a person can eat loads of fatty foods as well as protein. Therefore, the individual is constantly restocking their glycogen (fat that is not immediately absorbed by the body is converted to glycogen and stored by the body).

That is why you are advised to avoid alcohol on vlcd but not on Atkins - because on Atkins the amount of fat you are eating gives you a higher level of glycogen stores in the body
As far as I am aware, and in all the atkins literature ive read it is absolutely fine to drink on atkins. Woofy is our own living testament to that.

I know, but alot of people dont eat alot of fat :( I am staying well away from alcohol anyway!!
Why not eat fat? Fat shouldnt be restricted on a low carb diet? It is counterbenificial if it is.

EAT FAT To Succeed on a Low Carb Diet. | EUGENIZATION.
Copied from the other thread amethyst posted this on for info of others.
I drank red wine every Friday night during induction, still do come to that.


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The alcohol thing and low carb seems to mess up some people and not others.

It can be dangerous. I was told on good authority that eating some carbs with the drink helps stabalize the blood glucose and eliminates most of the problems....but as I said, could still be dangerous, so it's risk you take.

As for the fat thing. I have a few of the Barry Groves books. Whilst he seems to know what he's talking about, he really does take the fat thing to an extreme. If I remember rightly, he recommends 80% fat...which goes against everyone else.

As for Taubes (who is also mentioned in the article), his name is a swear word in the circles I mix with :D

Having said that, fat has had too much bad press. I'm not a fan of low fat diets....or should I say, I believe people often take the low fat theory to an extreme too :(
yes but be warned, Low Carb + Alcohol = easily pissed.

Believe me. :eek: :eek:

I've been there once or twice :sigh:
Well I ain't dead yet!


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yes but be warned, Low Carb + Alcohol = easily pissed.

Believe me. :eek: :eek:
I can second this Jim after Friday night's performance :D I had a 2 day hangover!!

By the way, your transformation has been amazing, a real inspiration. Well done you :)
It's nice to see that it can be done while eating all this butter & cream (and red wine during induction ;))

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