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Dannielle's SlimFast Diary


Breakfast: Chocolate shake, Apple
Lunch: Vanilla shake, Rocket Lolly (44 calories)
Dinner: Small Portion Of Spaghetti Bolognese made with wholewheat spaghetti, dolmio light, and quorn mince (no oils or anything else)
Probably have another apple later if needed.
Am i doing it right?

I have to say, the shakes aren't exactly my cuppa tea, BUT they're not horrible either, so i'm sure i'm going to find it easy to stick to. Maybe i'll add crushed ice next time. I find the shakes are very filling too, which is definately a good thing as i do have a big appetite. Anyhow, lets see what tomorrow brings :)
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I'd say you're doing it right :D
If you don't like the shakes, you could try the meal bars? I'm not sure what flavours they come in, but its something different :)


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i wasnt a milkshake fan when i started out but they have grown on me and i enjoy them now
Breakfast: Chocolate SF Shake, Omelette (177 calories, 2 Snacks worth)
Lunch: Vanilla SF Shake
Dinner: Quorn Bolognese (384 calories)
Snacks: 2 cups of Bovril (26 calories), Apple (59 calories), Rocket Lolly (44 calories)
Snacks + Omelette = 296 calories

Well, that's the plan for today anyhow :)
Breakfast: Chocolate SF shake, piece of shortbread (70 cals)
Lunch: Chocolate SF Shake, Packet of C&O french fries (97 cals)
Dinner: Sushi (yum)

Getting used to this now, and i'm pretty damn confident i may lose something this week. Fingers crossed!


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Danielle looks to me like your doing brilliantly well done keep it up x
Danielle looks to me like your doing brilliantly well done keep it up x
Thanks Kazzy, it's been an absolute godsend having you all here :)

Breakfast: Vanilla SF shake
Lunch: Chocolate SF shake, McCoys (165 cals)
Dinner: Small portion cod (no batter or breadcrumb) small portion of Slimming World style chips
Snack: Mackerel
Hiya, sorry i haven't posted for a few days but the other half decided to surprise us with a weekend away. Needless to say, the diet went west.

so i'd say it's day 8? i think? And i've had my first shake of the day.
I had a bit of a barney with my bf because, as a guy of 12 stone who's never had a weight problem in his life, he just doesn't get it. He doesn't understand how hard it is sometimes, or how painful it is to have things shouted at you or people making snidey remarks about your weight. And don't even get me started on clothes shopping! I know full well that i'm the only one who can help myself, but it isn't easy.
Plus, i think he may be trying to sabotage things cos he likes a bit of meat on his ladies (thank god!) lol.
It's not easy but your heading in the right direction. You just have to keep telling your b/f how important this is to you and how much you need his support. I'm sure he loves you just the way you are but if you aren't happy with how you look then he needs to support you to change. He'll get there.

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