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Dappymare's Judddering Journey to being slim


Girl on a mission
Have brought forward my start date as can't wait to start, I'm giving the diet 5 weeks to prove itself to me, as after being on cd know my body may take time to show the results.:rolleyes:

So I'm Officially starting JUDDD on Tuesday 22/09/09:D. Have been on the website and here is my calorie intake

No Exercise.

Up Day= 2284
Down Day=457

Light Exercise.

Up day= 2617
Down Day= 523

My 1st weigh in will be on the 28/09/09. will keep a daily diary of what I eat on each day to keep me on straight and narrow and also what exercise I have done:party0011:can't wait to get the book but should get it soon. So hopefully I won't bore you all too much:D

Hopefully Happy Judddering!!:chores016:

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Good luck Vicki, yes keep us posted of how you get on. I love to read everybody's diaries :D and I know others here do too. Have fun and I'm sure you'll do great, but as you say coming straight off cd it may take a week or so for your body to adjust and start losing.


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Good Luck with day 1 Dappy, i'm sure you will do just fine.

I think giving the diet a 5 week run might be a good call seems as you have been on CD. I may well give it abit longer depending on how i get on, i just cant bear the thought of putting on weight so will do the two weeks first.


Girl on a mission
Day one and starting on an up day:D have planned the day in advance so not to go mad.

AM- 60g Bran Flakes and semi skimmed milk 314 cals
1 Cappuccino 140 cals

Lunch- 1 cheese salad roll approx 400 cals

Pm- M and S Lasagne 625 cals
Activia Yogurt 117 cals

Snacks- 1 cappuccino 140
packet of malteasers 187

Drinks- Coke Zero 8 cals (not that I'll Drink all that:p)
1.5 litres of water,

Total today so far is approx 1931 cals (i have over estimated the roll etc) will struggle with this as just of cd but think it's not to bad for 1st upday:D even looking forward to my down day tomorrow.
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Girl on a mission
Thanks sass

I feel i've diet hopped so much this year that i really need to give this diet longer.....cd has messed my head up alot so wanna just see how i go with juddd. I know what you mean about putting on weight, have already put on 4lbs since saturday morning and thats with hardly eating as had flu...bad glycogen weight lol:rolleyes: but really wanna get back in to exercising in next few weeks so that should help too. I do know how you feel about cd tho sass as even tho it makes me ill...i love the quick results, but i was craving and binging more whilst on it and think juddd will be better for me head :eek:
Yes great looking up day, enjoy it dappy. I always look forward to my dds too lol!
Well done Dappy mare, that's a great thing to get into the habit of. I wish my local club was a bit cheaper, can't afford it at the mo so have to make do with workouts at home and the local pool now and again :(


Girl on a mission
Hey all

Many thanks for the comments haven't been on much as thinking about things and having crap time at work...juddd is going well diet wise just not weight wise:cry: 5lbs on since tuesday....i know i'm just coming off cd but the alarm bells are ringing as the weight is still rising (need a tantrum clip art lol) gonna weight to weigh in monday and maybe do extra week to see if there is a loss.....hate glycogen gains. but never had it as bad as this before. Moan over with dd tomorrow which i do like..so will see what happens
Keep going hun, it must be hard coming off cd, but sure you'll see a loss soon! Glad you're finding it ok to stick to tho, that's a big bonus. You'll get there x


Girl on a mission
Hey everyone.

Bad news i'm afraid, i'm coming off juddd ( for now) I've been really unhappy in my present job, and want to get back to my regular career of working with horses, so I need to ditch my weight as quickly as possible by March next year as have a job lined up. I know with cd ( as much as I hate it and always feel crap on it) that it will get me to goal and maintance by then... but I will definitly be on juddd to maintain that is for sure. Plus when I start the work with the gee gee's again, It's such a physical job that i'll maintain easierly as only put all my weight on after a riding accident in 2007:(:( and have had the go ahead from my physio to start riding again when I'm ready:bliss:

It is a great diet and as arnie said............I'll Be Back:cool:
Vicki that's great that you have a job lined up, especially one you love. I understand your passion there as I've had my own ponies and horses for 22 years now :) Good luck hun, and you'll probably find cd easier to stick to now you have a set goal and a very good reason for doing it. Good luck hun and let us know how you're getting on x


Girl on a mission
Thanks hun...will defo keep in touch as do enjoy juddd but have been offered this job and free keep for my horse so can't refuse, just the guy who offered it hasn't seen me since i last worked for him in 2006:eek: so got the kick up the arse i needed lol.x

Lol, great kick up the arse there then! What type of yard is it on? Yes keep in touch, you could always come back to juddd to maintain :D

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