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Dave's Major Weight Loss Blog.

Hello, newbie here. This seems like a cool place so I thought I’d join and share my diet progress with anyone who’s interested.

My name’s Dave, I’m 29 and live in the UK. On the 31st of August 2009 I weighed 25st 12lbs (not quite as horrendous as it sounds as I am 6ft 3 and big build but…) and as I type this today (22nd January 2010), I weigh 20st 8lbs!! I am absolutely thrilled about this and am very proud of myself. I know that sounds big headed but it’s true.

The target I set at the beginning was to be 16st 10lbs (I think I will look sporty at this weight) by the 31st May 2010 and I am on course to achieve this. I feel healthier in mind and body and whilst I miss eating soft French cheese and a few other things, I have really enjoyed my journey so far. I haven’t had an operation or used any of the ‘miracle’ pills that flood my inbox every day. I know very little about diet theory/science etc… I’ve heard about Atkins but that’s about as far as my knowledge goes lol.

I have taken a photo of myself every month since starting and I guess I could post them on here but it’s a bit embarrassing, especially as the first pic makes me look very gormless and as if I’ve been blown up with air lol (it’s quite shocking looking back).

I will do my best to answer any questions from fellow weight loss people but remember, I’m not clued up on the scene, all I know is my experiences.

Here is my progress to date, I will update this thread after every Monday weigh in from now until I reach my goal.

Looking forward to being part of the Mini Mins community!

Thanks for reading

25st 12lbs - 31.8.09
25st 1lbs - 7.9.09
24st 9lbs - 14.9.09
24st 5lbs - 21.9.09
24st 0lbs - 28.9.09
24st 0lbs - 5.10.09
23st 8lbs - 12.10.09
23st 8lbs - 19.10.09
23st 3lbs - 26.10.09
22st 13lbs - 2.11.09
22st 10lbs - 9.11.09
22st 6lbs - 16.11.09
22st 6lbs - 23.11.09
22st 3lbs - 30.11.09
21st 12lbs - 7.12.09
21st 10lbs - 14.12.09
21st 5lbs - 21.12.09
21st 1lbs - 28.12.09
21st 2lbs - 4.1.10
20st 13lbs - 11.1.10
20st 11lbs - 18.1.10
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Losing the mummy fat
Hi Dave & :welcome:

Congrats on losing 5 stone, thats an amazing achievement :D
Please post your pics as it will be a huge inspiration to us all.

Good luck with the rest of the weight loss x
Thanks for the welcome doodlelover.

I'll have a think about posting the pics. It's just that I don't really like the idea of them being in the public domain and would be mortified if they were pinched and appeared on some dodgy online diet advert. They certainly provide inspiration for me and I would like to help others. hhmmm.
Ok, after sleeping on it I've decided what the hell.. so here goes...

I hope it helps people on here.

Aug 09


Oct 09

Nov 09

Dec 09

I take the photo at the end of each month so no Jan yet. I had no idea that I looked that big in Aug. I knew I needed to loose weight but was still playing badminton and other activities.

Welcome any thoughts/comments.
Thanks for your comments. It's been 5 months and I still shock myself every time I look at the Aug pic. More like a chick repellent :D

I don't have a perfect life (yet) but I have a good one and I've always been a happy guy but the weight loss is giving me an extra energy. I'm sure there are loads of people on here who know what I mean. I chose the Wolves shirt as it had been too small to wear for several years. Not at my most fashionable lol.

Anyways, I'm still a big fatty at the moment but the glory days shall return!!

Will update on Monday with my official weight and post January's pic in a weeks time.



Slim for Summer!
Whoah!! There's such a difference in those pictures! I'm just starting out so I think I might take some myself.. They're actually really inspirational, I'm glad you decided to post them! Congrats on the weightloss so far! :)
Hi Millux, I'm really pleased you find them inspirational. I recommend taking pics at set intervals, you just don't notice the difference day to day.

Jonny, it sounds like we were made from the same mould. Good luck with your weight loss chap. I accept your challenge of first to break into 19st but fear I'm going to get thrashed ;-)

My official weigh in from Monday.

25.1.10 - 20st 5lbs
Fair play to you guys :)

Rooting for you both to cross the 19st line together :)) hehehe

Jan 2010 pics will be up later tonight with a bit of luck. Haven't taken them yet - waiting till after I've eaten my dinner (massive pizza).

Joking ;-)
wow dave, well done, your looking fantastic. cant wait to see this months pic. i was just wondering what is your secret, have you cut any foods out, just gone for smaller portions, done loads of exercise? its clearly working whatever your doing.
Erin xxx
Thanks Erin,
Portions are smaller but not drastically. It was conscious to start with but now I just get full quicker.

I've never liked junk food or frozen crap (beef and Yorkshire pudding is more my thing) but I have sacrificed a few things... I love soft cheese like Blue Brie and Camembert and I'm very fond of fresh pasta. Both are great weight gainers. I'm still enjoying my food though. Last night for example, I grilled a fresh tuna steak (sea salt, pepper and a bit of Italian dressing - makes a great marinade) and had it with some homemade French fries and salad. Delicious!

My exercise has remained the same as before bar the occasional walk when it was warm and sunny back in 2009. I think I might need to do a bit more as I get closer to my goal but for now it’s 2hrs of competitive badminton once a week.

Glad to be of help Nikki, let's hope I look a bit thinner than Dec otherwise I might have the reverse effect!

Wow, Dave, you look amazing - like two different men from aug to dec. Really looking forward to see your next picture and keep them coming!
Well done Dave

Lol @ Dave and Nikki - i think i need Gas mark 9!!

Dave you look a little bit like Olley (spelling?) from X factor.. woot... do you have the same dance moves eh eh? (Just kidding im a recently married woman! sheesh... *fans self*)

Keep up the good work, your loss and your pictures are an inspiration.

Thanks Amber, congrats on you marriage ;-)

Glad the pictures are helping people. Official weigh in Monday night was 20st 4lbs. I've played 2 hours of badminton tonight, weighed myself and I've hit 19st 13lbs! First time I've dipped into the 19's! It will go up a bit by Monday but really chuffed.


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