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Day 1 ( again !! )

Good Luck xxx
I would say something along the lines of "what's the worst that could happen", but actually, now that I really think about it, that's really not helpful! Given the choice between Godzilla rising out of the North Sea and destroying everything I know and love OR weighing myself in front of people, I'm going to go with the lizard.

That said, friends are good things to have around, because they support and encourage you. Remember, no matter how bad the number is today, next week it's going to be so much better AND you'll have someone else there to a) confirm your eyes aren't lying to you when the smaller number appears b) knock the socks off with your awesome weight-losing powers.

Good luck!
Ah thank you for your warm welcome , so far so good, had Thai soup for lunch , gonna have a bar in a minute , then shake before bed ,will have the odd can of zero if I feel the need otherwise black coffee n water !
Good luck keep focused on your big day and how you are going to look and feel. :) x
Good luck I be a new starter as well one tip I found/find very helpful is water water water I drank about 3L yesterday, nautily got onto the scales this morning and have lost 3lbs already! Anywho hope everyone has a good day! :) x
Well done Hannah! It will be falling off you soon! Tasha x


Violet is shrinking
Good luck :)
35 weeks is a long time! You can shift a lot of weight during that period, even if you only stick to it 75% of the time and don't go totally nuts on slip or off-days.

Just remember - every time you have a slip or two but NOT a full-blown binge, you have made incredible progress. Every time you stick to a full day 100% or very close to, you have done something to be proud of. Those days and weeks mount up, and so do the wonderful losses.

Good luck and please, don't expect perfection of yourself. Perfection is just not possible. Give it your best shot, one day at a time.

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