Day 1 (again!)


Hi everyone!

Well i've done it i've started again this morning!

After having 4 weeks off, should've only been 1 (holiday) but really struggled getting back into it. Thankfully i've only put on 4lbs so hopefully that should go this week.

Do you still get the large weight loss when you restart?

Glugging on my water & waiting a little while until my 1st choccie carton.

Really must do this now till xmas & hopefully lose a couple of stones???

Anyone else starting today??

Lorraine x
Hiya Doublemum

Hiya hun, :D

I have re-started CD today too, I have had 3 weeks off, very naughty.

I came back from my holiday putting on 10lbs, went on SS for a week & lost 10lb.. Which was fab, but......

3 weeks down the line I have gained 9lbs, :mad:

I have enjoyed my birthday, now have to knuckle down, wanna lose 3 stone in total..

Come on we can do it.

Good luck guys with your restart you know you can do it xx;) xx
The loses on the 1st week after a restart I found the 1st time I did Cd I lost 10.5lbs in my 1st week,then I had abreak of 3 weeks after doing it for 11 weeks and losing 3 stone nearly,I got back on track and lost 7lbs in the week.
I regained all of it so Im doing LL now after trying to get back on track for 8 months :eek:
My 1st ssing week of LL I lost 9lbs after a 8 month break,it maybe how much I weighed?
Hi Lorraine!

I too am restarting today - came back from my hols at the beginning of Sept and had had a 10lb gain in 3 weeks - not bad - except that 'holiday' has continued ever since and now I am another 10lbs heavier:eek:

So I am getting a grip before I am back to square one! I had lost 6 stone - that is now 4 stone and I need to loose 8 stone in total - so today I'm half way to goal - by Xmas I want to be a stone off goal.

We've done it before - and we can do it again.....failure is not an option:D

Good luck and have a good first day (you too Kelly)
Hi girls!

Hope your Day 1 has gone OK..... I've managed to be 100% and am now just about to go to be cos I'm starving:p

Hope you've all been good and Day 2 is even better.

Nighty, night
Hi all

Nice to see a few others are re-starting the same time as me, we should keep in touch & compare notes!
Day 1 was very surprisingly fine for me. Wasn't hungry at all, which was a bit odd & still feel good today! I know you shouldn't but weighed myself this morning & i'm 2lbs down already so only another 2lbs to go till i'm back at my weight when i went on my hols!
Hope everyone has a good day today!!!

Lorraine x