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Day 1 and counting!

Well, its almost the end of my first day on Lipotrim!

So far chocolate shake is lovely, peanut flapjacks.... just plain weird... and chicken soup.... very sickly!!!!

I haven't felt hungry at all, but have fantasised about one or two foody items that I wanted....Have drunk all the water necessary and more. I'm told the more you drink the better you lose....

I have 23 weeks approximately depending on how quickly I lose this weight, and I'm wondering if I can really stick to this for that long... I guess I can't imagine not eating real food for all that time... but I'm hoping I will get used to it and get the fantasies under control, lol!

Sorry to waffle... I find it helps me to write a little diary each day! Any words of wisdom out there to help a Lipotrim novice? All advice much appreciated!!


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Hiya Sam, I only started yesterday for the second time, I lost a lot of weight the first time but unfortunately gave in before I reached goal. However, after trying all the other diets, this is the only one that remotely works for me and I intend to stick to it this time. I feel this regime is the only thing that works for peoplw who have a problem with food like me. All the other diets, in general expect you to weigh this, look for that in shops, cook this etc. and I feel this promotes the thinking all the time of food even more. I really believe this is the only way to beat food addiction because it totally takes it away from you for awhile, takes the hassle and the utter frustration away too from trying to deal with the very thing i.e. food that has caused the weight problem in the first place. Obviously, we all have to eat again but at least in the weeks of losing weight we can tell ourselves, ''If I can eat nothing but shakes for many weeks, surely I can manage to eat healthily afterwards''. In other words, if you can do lipotrim, and it is doable, you can do anything. I'm a firm believer that this diet is the way to go and it has been a godsend to me, and if I fail this time, and I hope not to, I have ruined the great opportunity that Lipotrim has given me to beat my food addiction for good. I hope this is good advice and I wish you all the best on your journey. For the first time in a long time I feel hopeful and for every person out there who battles with their weight, ''LIPOTRIM IS A SOLUTION'' and we can all get through this.
By the way, even though i say I intend to stick to it this time, i have said this before and failed but this time, I amn't overly enthusiastic, just neutral and take each day as it comes plus Im more aware of my self sabotage tendencies and actually write in a notebook when I feel like shooting myself in the foot again. Believe in yourself and know you all deserve this. There will be tough days and I think being aware of this and knowing you're vulnerable points and how to deal with them helps too. I've painted a picture of myself in my head where Im in a sleek, fitted, sexy black dress and this helps when I feel a desire to turn to rubbish which will only make me feel and look like rubbish. By the way, this forum is fantastic and it's great to read about other people who are on similar journeys. Weight issues have been the bain of my life, I hope this will change very soon and if Lipotrim can't do it with me, nothing will.
Sorry, Im the one really waffling but Im actually kinda tearful writing this because weight has always held me back and ruined my confidence but now I know theres a solution and I can beat this for once and for all. Also, to every woman or man out there battling weight, I sincerely wish you all the best of luck because i know what its like to live a half life with extra weight. Go for it with Lipotrim, WE CAN ALL DO THIS, WE LIVE ONCE, DESERVE TO LOOK AND FEEL GOOD AND LIKE OURSELVES!!!!!!!
Hi, well we can do this together!!! I intend to update my little diary every night... it helps somehow.... I'm working on sticking to it, by telling myself that I know how bloody awful I will feel if I cheat...Day 1 is a little early to tell if this will work for me the whole 24 ish weeks, but I hope so...check in tomorrow night, I'd love to hear how you're getting on!!

Thanks for the support

Sam x
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we can all do it if we stick to it and keep coming here for all the support and motivation.
good luck to us all and to the new skinny us.
:) :)
I'll let you know, I can't use the ticker thing or anything but i'm going to come on this as often as I can. It's a lifeline really and its early days for me too, crucial days and tough days so Ill keep you posted and we can encourage each other. Its the only thing that works for me so really, really hope to stick with it fully this time. Talk to you soon, and good luck tomorrow, one day at a time, one day nearer to goal I reckon. Every day on this is an achievement. All the best xx
Day 2

Well, its the end of Day 2 more or less, and I've had another faultless day! Phew!

One thing has become quite apparent, and that is that the peanut flapjacks are without doubt absolutely disgusting.... sadly I opted for a whole week of them with shakes, so I'm stuck with them for now... guess I'll just wash them down with water! Yuk!

I'm loving the shakes and just hope that willpower will win in helping me to stick to them for 24 long weeks!!!

I find the soups a bit powdery despite whisking them for ages with the electric blender... any tips!???

Has anyone tried mixing their shake as a mousse? Is it nice? I think it could work quite well with the chocolate one as it reminds me of angel delight in taste...
Wow, start of day 3 and I've done a cheeky weigh-in!!!!! I've lost 5.4lbs in two days!!!! More than I lost in a week on Slimming World! Ever! I'm having to do the weight thing so exactly because my scales only weigh in kilos, so having to convert it.... but frankly .... not bothered with losses like that!! 5 days to go and the sky is the limit....

Last two days were easier than I thought they would be...still doing the food fantasy thing, but not felt awful as some report you do in the first few days, still able to go toilet... for now...and managing to drink 3+ litres of water without too much difficulty.....

My daughter has left her toast....uneaten.... yikes!!! Putting it in the bin with washing up liquid all over it NOW!!! Lol!!!

Right off to have my shake, gonna try it as a mousse I think, here goes!
Day 5 and did another little cheeky weigh-in yesterday morning....I've now lost 10lbs so far this week and I still have 3 days to go.!

Still finding it fairly easy..... and being able to have the cheeky weigh-ins and finding I've lost is a real booster!

I tried making up the shake as a mousse this morning, but it didn't fill me up like when you have it as a shake....Last night I put chilli powder in my soup and it was really nice! Something different I guess!

I have no cravings particularly.... certain foods smell gorgeous of course, but I don't think about them other than at that moment in time....all good! Loving it!
Little trick with the flapjacks (just to get rid of them). Mix half a crushed flapjack with half a sachet of warm shake. It makes a porridge type pallatable pudding.
Good luck!!
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hey saml what about an update? what was your official weight loss in the end? you seemed to be doing very well! keep us posted!
Well everyone, I lost 11lb in my first week... surprised at it being so much, but very, very pleased.....I'm now just starting my 3rd day in the second week and had a cheeky weigh in this morning. Have stayed the same so far, but I'm not concerned by that....just gonna keep plugging at it...

I'm finding it harder and harder to eat the peanut flapjacks...they're so vile! I quite literally have to wash each mouthful down with some water.... I guess the only brightside is that it means I drink an extra litre of water, lol! Next week I may just get shakes and soups... does anyone know if the coconut flapjacks are any better?

I also found out that making the chocolate shake up as a hot chocolate makes it lose its chocolate taste...it was so awful... not sure what the taste was, it was weird....


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hi sami,

well done so far:p if you put a spoon of coffee in your hot chocolate it tastes loads better!! i cant drink them without the coffee ( not that i am a caffeine addict as well:eek: )
good luck on your journeyx
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Hi Sam make a peppermint tea with three tablet sweetners using 400 ml of boiling water let the tea stew then use the luke warm tea to make up the choc shake. :D this is the only way I make the choc shake now and have it most evenings like a little sweet mint choc treat to finish off the day lol:p
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well done you! hope i do as well next week !


Just keep swimming ...
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Hi sam
The coconut flapjacks are just as vile as the peanut!:yuk: Stay away from them.

Don't be fooled by a no change in weight on 3rd day, I've found I lose big at the end of the week even if stayed same in middle. Try not to weigh yourself in between (easier said than done) as it can discourage you and add to low moments

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