day 1 and determined!!

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  1. hooley

    hooley Full Member

    hi guys. well i had my first meeting last night and it was fine - i was a bit nervous beforehand. there are only 6 in the group and all seem really nice. i was actually dreading the 2 hour session but it flew by and i couldnt believe it when it was over - a good sign that we were all at ease.
    i have had my first shake this morning and not at all bad - i have taken a few of every flavour to see which ones i prefer. i am feeling positive and determined and will keep you all informed. good luck to everyone else who is just starting out. x x
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  3. Preeti77

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    Hi Hooley
    I went for my intro last night too, but cannot start the programme until 12th August. Like you I felt really inspired. Good luck! :)
  4. hooley

    hooley Full Member

    i had to wait a couple of weeks before i could start too but it has soon come around and i am more determined than ever. i hope your start comes around quickly for you and good luck when you do begin. x
  5. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    Best of luck to the two of you's :) x
  6. bexnkev

    bexnkev Silver Member

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    Good luck to you both... I'm sure you will both be absolutely fine!! I'm looking forward to hearing about your progress :)
  7. Mum of 4

    Mum of 4 Member

    Hi Hooley,

    I am coming to the end of my first week and it is the best thing which I have ever done! It is so easy and after the first 3 days the hunger just seems to vanish. I have never been good with diets. The only time when I lost weight was when I lived in New Zealand for 4 years and I lost 30kgs on a Jenny Craig weight loss programme. After having my 4th child I failed to lose the weight and after seeing the amazing results which other people have had it just spurs me on.

    I went for a pop in session on Monday evening and to change some of the foodpacks (didn't like the Caramel or Thai Chilli) and was weighed. I have already lost 7LBS in just 4 days. That just gives you so much motivation to carry on. I have really surprised myself. Even whilst making some sandwiches for my children a tiny bit of butter dropped on to my finger and I didn't even lick it off!

    I am now in the frame of mind whereas I think, I alone can change the way I look. I think for many people who are bigger they just accept it, but you don't have to. I know that as I get older it will be harder to do, only 2 years away from 40!

    I am now off to collect my children from school, little one is still at nursery. My older daughter is also having a sleepover tonight so I shall have 5 kids in the house :eek: Definitely going to make myself a yummy chocolate biscuit tonight.

    Good luck,

    Mandy. x
  8. minimodmk1

    minimodmk1 Member

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    i have just started wk 4, i have never felt better. the pounds are already falling off.

    hope you have a great sucess
  9. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

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    Well done you new starters, and all the luck in the world!!

    For anyone who has to wait a few weeks or anytime really, for their group to start......I would suggest you use that time wisely and start cutting down on carbs now. Many have found the most umpleasant side effects are the Carb withdrawal, so if you start weaning yourself now you may not experience the unpleasant headaches, etc.

    just a thought for you!

    Good lukc - many exciting times ahead for you all!!! Just you wait - it just gets better and better, and so do you. :)

  10. My~Turn~Now

    My~Turn~Now Full Member

    glad your day 1 has gone well. ours is a small group of 7 too.
    Jan x
  11. hooley

    hooley Full Member

    hi guys and thanks for the welcome and the words of encouragement. day one went very well and im set to tackle the rest of the week - i know i can do this and am actually looking forward to the challenge. cant wait to see how the other girls in my group have got on too! good luck to everyone else today - hope it goes well for all. x
  12. hooley

    hooley Full Member

    hiya. how did your first weigh in go? and how are you finding the 2nd week? day 3 for me and ok so far.
    i tried freezing the choc pouch as a bar last night and my youngest wanted to know why i was eating dog poo!!:eek: thankfully it didnt taste quite that bad but deffo not a favourite of mine:jelous:.
    hope the sleepover went well - nightmare at the best of times!! take care and good luck this week. x
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