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Day 1 and really scared!

It's almost the end of my first day and I have barely managed 1 and a half pack. I am sat here with my veg soup with tabasco and still can't gulp it down. Started with banana shake and gulped it down. The after taste was horrible but I still made it through till lunch. Thought I'll try porridge as my LLC suggested that it was a 'fav'. Had about two spoonfuls and it made me so nauseous, I was about to throw up. Gulped down some water and on came a banging headache. Had some painkiller and went to have a lil nap. Woke up, took DS for a walk around the block and I'm now sat with the veg soup and with all honesty, I just can't seem to bring myself to eat it. The way I am going atm, I am scared I won't be able to last that long. I really want to do this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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There will be some flavours you won't like and some you'll be able to stomach. To be honest they're never going to taste delightful but after a while you just get used to downing them and getting on with it. I was never a fan of the porridge and preferred the shakes.
A few ideas:
-Drink plenty of water (I used to get through about 5 litres a day but I think the average is about 3. It stops your headaches and gets rid of the aftertaste of shakes)
-Rinse with mouthwash after a 'meal'. Makes you feel clean and fresh.
-Drink the flavoured water. I like sunshine orage (tastes like orange squash) or St Clements mixed with sparkling water tastes like cloudy lemonade.
-Mix two packs together if you can't get them down in four sittings. I used to mix either two chocolate or a chocolate and strawberry together for a thicker shake (remember to drink plenty of water before and after)
-Make up a hot vanilla shake and put in some instant coffee. Voila! Latte!
-Mix peppermint tea into a chocolate shake-chocolate mint!

I remember the first few days there were a coupld of things that I thought tasted so awful I took back and swapped for other flavous. Your LLC will let you do this.

I'm sure some others will give you some of their ideas. Don't give up just yet but do try to have all of your packs every day or you'll become ill (and not lose as much weight).

Hope you can find some flavours you like. There was one woman who had four chocolate shakes a day for four months as it's the only one she liked! She's still five stone lighter two years on. So yes, it's worth it! xx


is Magdalicious
Just stick with it hun. The packs are not the tastiest food you'd ever try but your tastebuds do get used to it and it DOES get better. First week is tough, i'm not going to lie but trust me, you will get used to it once you get to a routine. Make sure you drink lots of water and be good to yourself. Run a hot bath, put some music on and chill. Tomorrow is another day. Maybe try making your porridge with a little less water (i always put one tablet of seetner in it too) and maybe put some pepper or tabbasco is your soups. Next week you can have bars which a lovely.
Good luck :)
Thank you for your replies. Surprisingly, I was not hungry today. I was just worried what if I can't bring myself to consume the required cals and nutrients, really dont want to make myself ill. I am a worrier, lol. Just having some choc shake and it's not too bad. I suppose that's what I am going to stick to for a while.
Rachel, good idea about making two packs up together.
Magiclove, I will stick to it. I really want the weight off.
Hi, I've done my second day of lighterlife lite and attended my first meeting.

I'm a vegetarian and the first week of packs contains one of each of all of the varieties. I have been worried that although the packs are suitable for vegetarians I wouldnt be able to eat the meat flavoured ones.

Today I had the thai chilli one and I made it into a paste, sort of a baby food consistency and it tasted lovely!

Cerealkiller, I found out this evening that when you go the next time you can pick and choose which flavours you want. So if you only like the strawberry shake one you can opt for all strawberry or just pick the ones you like. I feel relieved at this as I do not want to try the chilli con carne one or the chicken one nor the broth.

I found a guide on ebay for some recipes. I am not sure if I am allowed to put links so have copied and paste the following:-

Ice Cream

Put 11 ice cubes in a smoothie maker and crush the ice. Add a food pack (Strawberry, Raspberry,Banana, Caramel, Vanilla) and a small amount of water (about 2 tbsp) and liquidise for 5 mins. You end up with a big bowl of "ice cream".


Place 10-16 ice cubes (depending on your preference), a pint of water, and your food pack in a smoothie maker and blend for approx. 3 mins. Makes about 2 pints of delicious cold frothy whatever flavour you like. If you use a Cappuccino sachet it makes a kind of frappe Try adding one of the water flavourings for a different taste!

Bar of Chocolate!

You can make chocolate out of a chocolate pack (or choc mint). Mix the pack with a bit of water until you have a thick paste, then spread on some tin foil and put in the freezer for an hour or more. It really tastes quite like chocolate!

Variation: Use half chocolate and half vanilla for a Mars bar!

Black Forest Gateau

Put 10 ice cubes, chocolate pack, 8oz water, and 1.5tsp of fruits of the forest flavouring (LL) into a smoothie maker and blend - ITS FANTASTIC!!

Cheesecake Smoothie

Tastes just like cheesecake!
Put vanilla pack, 10 ice cubes, 8oz water, tsp St. Clements (LL) flavouring all in the smoothie maker and blend.


Chop a bar up into small pieces, roll into balls and cook in the microwave for about 40secs, check as they will burn. Scrape these of the plate. Next mix up a chocolate or vanilla foodpack with water until it has a thick coating consistency and coat the biscuits with chocolate. Place on cling film and then wrap up leaving room so you don’t squash them, I always double wrap with foil. Leave in freezer for a few hours then take out and enjoy. They really do taste like malteasers if you don't burn them

Lemon Sorbet

Put ice cubes in the smoothie maker with some water and blend to make it slushy, add water flavouring to your tasting - and hey presto you have a sorbet/slush puppie!!

Cut up a bar into 8 - 10 pieces. Arrange on microwave plate, I usually only put 3 in at a time to give them the space they need to expand.

Microwave for approx 1.30mins - or until you can see that they have stopped bubbling. Be careful as they may start burning from the inside out. Use a knife under the biscuits to prise them off the plate and turn them onto their backs (onto the bar wrapper) and leave until they have cooled and hardened.

Chicken Stuffing

Mix as you would do for a chocolate muffin but use a packet of chicken soup instead. Cook in microwave for 1.40 seconds or more or less depending on how dry you like it.


Mix a soup pack into a smooth paste, spread on a plate or greaseproof paper and microwave for 1 1/2 - 2 mins.when it starts to bubble open up and let it settle for a sec. keep opening and letting it settle until (the poppadom) starts to turn golden (don't take your eyes off it) - when it is golden brown take it out and let it cool, then peel it off and enjoy

Be careful of overcooking, as this will make them taste slightly bitter.

Bar of Chocolate

You can make chocolate out of a chocolate pack (or choc mint). Mix the pack with a bit of water until you have a thick paste, then spread on some tin foil and put in the freezer for an hour or more. It really tastes quite like chocolate!

Variation: Use half chocolate and half vanilla for a Mars bar!

Black Forest Gateau

Put 10 ice cubes, chocolate pack, 8oz water, and 1.5tsp of fruits of the forest flavouring (LL) into a smoothie maker and blend - ITS FANTASTIC!!

Cheesecake Smoothie – Tastes just like cheesecake!

Put vanilla pack, 10 ice cubes, 8oz water, tsp St. Clements (LL) or) flavouring all in the smoothie maker and blend.

Chocolate Biscuit

Put sparkling water into a chocolate pack and then add a pinch of salt. Put this on a piece of greaseproof paper, round it into a biscuit shape and bake it in the microwave for about 2.30 minutes. The result is a crunchy chocolaty biscuit with a “dunking” texture.

Black Forest Cookie

Add 1 chocolate pack to sparkling water (3tbls give and take) add half a tsp summer berry flavour and microwave for one minute (let it settle) and you have the fluffiest cookie ever.

Chocolate Fudge

1 packet of chocolate
1/4 cup of hot water
2 or more sweeteners
1tsp of coffee (if you like)

Mix well - it should look like a thick chocolate soup. Microwave it for 2 minutes. It comes out as a thick gooey mess, which tastes like fudge!


Mix whatever sweet flavour pack you like with 200-300mls of sparkling water and pour into lollipop moulds and freeze overnight.

Bear in mind that to eat the whole food pack you will have to eat all the lollies!

Cafe Latte

Mix a hot vanilla shake with a teaspoon of coffee and some sweeteners if required.

Chocolate Pudding & Chocolate Sauce

Microwave most of the choc pack like a cookie but keep some aside and mix into a thick paste whilst the muffin is cooking. Take muffin out and smear with thick choc goo and eat, it really does taste nice and cools the muffin down. This can be done with vanilla 'icing' too.

Chocolate Custard

Dissolve a sweetener in approx 70mls hot water. Add a chocolate pack. Microwave for approximately 40secs. It makes a lovely hot chocolate custard. A whole pack of this can be a bit sickly so try half the quantities put it on top of a choc muffin.

Hot Chocomint

Make up some strong peppermint tea. Mix a chocolate pack with hot water and a couple of sweeteners (depending on your taste) add the tea. Microwave for approx. 20secs and stir (better if you whisk with an aero latté) .
Hi Cereal,

I'm really sorry to hear you had such a bad first day! I'm at the end of my first day and I've had the porridge (smelt like baby rice to me), chicken soup, veg soup and choc shake. I have to say that if I wasn't on a diet, I definitely wouldn't choose any of them to eat as a meal!! I'd read a lot of people's blogs and forums for the last week before starting so wasn't expecting anything tasty from these foodpacks. I guess its a means to an end and hopefully they'll be something we get used to.

I think once the first week is over and we have our weigh in, the results will spur us on and give us the motivation needed to continue with the packs. Plus we're allowed bars next week!!!

Good luck and keep to it... it will all be worth it in the end.

C xxx
Hi Charlie, I had choc shakes all day today. Guess I have developed a taste for them. Hopefully, shall start liking others too.

Thank you so much, slendablenda, how amazing do you look!?!
Well done cereal for sticking with it. I've read all the replies and everyone has left great advice so not much to add from except that I started the bars this week and LOVE them and they are huge, almost too much for one meal so I divide mine through the day. Also I think experimenting is the key too. For instance I make my porridge really runny but leave to stand for about 5mins. The first bowl I made was making me heave bleurghh. I also had a disaster with a vanilla shake when I tried to add it a to a black coffee in a cafe and it was so hideous I couldn't drink it lol. Glad to hear you managed the choc ones. All the best xxx
:D Hi, you sound just like me when I first started last time, I found that it was totally mind over matter. Tell yourself you do like these things, of course there'll be some that you just can't stomach at all (chocolate is revolting to me and it literally makes me gag) but you'll find that most of them you can tolerate :).

Good luck and you'll know by now that theres always someone about on here to help you through the bad moments, this forum was a total lifeline to me as I'm sure it will be again this time round!

Emma xXx
Thank you :) thats my beautiful little Lottie <3

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