day 1 and worrying about tommorow!!


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Well I am two thirds through day one - I feel ok now but am worried about tomorrow - from the site people seem to feel worse on day two and it seems to get better from day three onwards?

I have just had the Thai chicken soup which after taking advice from the site I watered down slightly to 300 mls and if I am honest I found it to be very tasty - I have never liked mushroom soup so not overly looking forward to that one!!
I had the banana shake earlier which again I must say I enjoyed it

The hot tea/drinks is really good advice it helps settle the grumbling tum

does ketosis really really stop the hunger pangs? and when it the latest it will kick in? will I have to wait two or more weeks?
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Blue Butterfly

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Well done on nearly completing day 1 :D
I used to have the soups and hate mushrooms too but you can barely taste them in the soup, in fact I always sieved mine so their were no mushroom pieces in mine!

Dont worry about tomorrow, just keep busy and drink plenty of water and you'll be fine.
I'm on day 5 and so far haven't felt hungry once.
The only thing is I sometimes feel like I want to be eating, not coz I'm hungry but because it's what I would normally be doing when I watch tv.
Hopefully you wont feel hungry and if you do then you can make the feeling go away by drinking water or having a pack.
Good luck for day 2 x


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Great news that u like the packs so far... feel so sorry for those who can't stomach them, makes it so much harder!!!

No, you won't have to wait weeks to get into ketosis, it usually kicks in between days 3 and 5... any time now!

You'll still get cravings and some rumbles (think of tummy rumbles as your gut shrinking!!!) but the actual gnawing hunger will stop.

Keep going and don't worry about tomorrow, there are loads of people - me included - who have no problems.

Spots xxx


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Well Done on getting through Day One. I agree with the other replies. I've done LL and CD before, but Exante products are so much better - I've not felt starving this time, you know, really bad- and I was in ketosis on Day 3. Best to keep happy and busy, focus on your end goal. Good Luck


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S: 12st6lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 24.3 Loss: 1st5lb(10.92%)
Hi all

Thanks for the support!! I see from here that it really is the first few days people need it!! I am delighted with the products having not done one of these diets before

I have got the tummy rumbles!!:p to them!! I am not used to going a whole day without eating but hte hot drink idea someone told me earlier is inspired it really helps with the pangs

So far today tho no headaches no misery - nerves have settled now as i see that it is not something to worry about but something to take in my stride - some people on here are really inspirational with the weight they have lost so I am going to remind myself of their amazing efforts when I feel like moaning!!!

thanks for the words of encouragement they really help :thankyou::grouphugg: