Day 1 CelticChicks CD Diary


Ok well it is day one for the millionth time today. I am feeling positive, have had a litre and a half of water so far and half a tetra in coffee.

I have to succeed this time, I've outgrown all of my clothes, had to make a run at the car and practically throw myself into it this morning and even at that I had to reach out and drag my other leg in after me! My trousers are cutting off my circulation today so eating anyway would be quite hard! :p

Just had my younger sister shouting at me for doing this diet, she is a personal trainer and is 100% against it, she told me I'll never stick it and if I ever come off it I won't be able to lose weight in any other way because its so low calorie, any other diet won't work! Have to admit it got to me slightly but not enough to make me quit, I have to prove her wrong afterall!

Hi M


Right what ever diet you've done before this is the last one you will need to do!
Try and get in your head its the 1st new healthy plan youve ever done and you'll be fabb!!
Your sisters just worried as many people are when they're loved ones go on a VLCD buy there are many many of us who've done it are doing it and love it XX
By day 3 you'll feel fab and by weigh-in day your be on a buzz as the weight loss is amazing :D
Good luck please post away there are so many lovely people are on here who will help and support you :)
Backing you 110% CelticChick - you know you can do this!! Check out Isis's thread in restarters to show you that it CAN be done!
Hey hun... i'm right here beside ya!!! we are going to do it this time no messing :D :D

see ya later hun

Gen xx
Good luck Muireann!!!

I have been a serial re-starter on CD prior to getting my head into gear this time, so I can really empathise. I got through the first few days and then I got through the first few hurdles and now I'm back in love with SS'ing like I never thought that I would be again.

I'm sorry to hear that your sister was shouting at you, because that won't really help, but she means well. I know what it's like, you feel like you have to justify it to everyone. However, you know that CD works and you know that you'll soon start seeing the results. i don't know if it helps, but I lost about 4 stone when I was 22. I did regain far more for a combination of reasons, but since then, I've never had any trouble following conventional diets and having success. My problem was that I've been yo-yo-ing, however I think I've sorted my head out this time along the way and when I get to my goal, I'm determined not to do it again and I'm going to use minimins to ensure that I don't.

Anyway, don't give up - you are strong and you can do it and Ketosis is just around the corner !!!
Yo sis, returning the favour and welcoming you to the site, don't mind Ash, she's young and over enthusiastic, Cambridge and other VLCD's get bad press from years ago. Ignore the "knockers" whether they be friends or family... Your not doing this to prove a point to anyone but yourself and as such you don't have to waste your time explaining your life to them. Remember two in a battle will be better than one, and we'll prove them all wrong, don't quote me, but i've seen her eating boiled chicken breast and boiled rice and nothing else, no salt, pepper, sauces and if she thinks thats living then f*{K that.

Anyhow enough time spent on worrying about the knockers (we knew you'd be up against it, but your not alone, there's all of us here, and of course there's me when you need me)

Your the one whos inspired me to do this, I'm just 3 days ahead of you, so just come on catch up and past me out we both know you will, t'is just a matter of time. We'll show them all, take one shake, one day, one week, hell one ketosis stick if you have to, but step by step we're gonna get there. Take the millionth time out of your head, ti's the FIRST TIME we're doing it together.

Old saying, revised by mself

Yesterdays Gone (so f*{k it)
Tomorrows not here yet (not much we can do but hope we see it)



ps, thanx for your encouraging words about my mousse making skills :cool:
Aaaah it's so nice to see 2 sisters supporting each other! My sister is dieting too but not a VLCD, I wish she was or anyone else I knew so they would understand!!!
Anyway, good luck!
You can do it if you believe you can & even if you don't all the good folk here on this site do until you come around!!
We are here for you...
Hey Muireann, hope you've gotten thru the day ok...ignore your lil sis, you've got your other sis supporting you so just flick the lil one away (well, thats wat I do to my lil sis when she bugs me!!) I wish I still lived in Ireland so I could come and meet you all!!

Great to see you aboard the board!

Have a looksy around...I will PM ya!

Just seeing what the story is in here!

Yup - girl power all around!!

Chat soon mon capitian