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day 1 - feel like crap + need some encouragement please!!!???

It really is worth it I promise!!!!! Look at the photo galleries to inspire you and keep you on track - there are a few new starters this week who are feeling the same as you so you are not alone. Come on the hour by hour thread adn we can help you there too as there are some newbies and returners on there so lots of experience of it.
Good luck you can do it!


Cambridge Consultant
Hang on in there !! Its only your first day.. I promise you things get better! The first few days are the toughest my third day was my worst and I took some neurofen and lots of water went to bed early with a lovely soak in a bubble bath and felt so much better the next day!!

Do you really want to lose weight! If yes then.. stick with it as on this diet YOU WILL lose weight!!!

Big hugs as its hard but so worth it.. Im on the first day of week 10 and I never thought I would get here!!! Its a fab diet and you feel so good when you see the weight dropping off.

Wait to your weigh ins.. you will love it!!!

Good luck and keep motivated you can do it!


Absolutely Determined!
Hey :)
I too am on day 1. In fact, my CDC went to you after seeing me I believe? Anyway, hang on in there. Fortunately i havent had a headache today but i'm sure i'll get one before the week is out. I sympathise with the peeing thing...I haven't stopped!! Try and look ahead, 4 weeks from now, when you will be feeling so much happier and healthier. Chin up, i'm told it gets easier!! xxx
Stick with it, just think in a couple of weeks you could be 1st lighter. It is really difficult the first few days, but once you are in ketosis you will be absolutely fine.
Take care and keep us updated. X


Doing Slimming World
It's natural to feel crappy to begin with as your body will be detoxing and getting rid of the rubbish in your body. It does pass and the peeing becomes less too.


Ancient Egypt Nut!
Ok so i am only on day 1 and i am starving, have a killer headache and am peeing every 20min!!!!

Will someone please tell me that this is all worth it and that it will not stay like this?????
I promise it will not stay like this, like everyone else has said. Take paracetamol if the headache gets really bad and hang in there..xxxx :)
thank u every 1!!!! feel so much better knowing every1 else has been thru this and is now losing weight. i am feeling a bit better now, still hungry, but the headaches have eased and the weeing is slowing down - thank god - thought i wud b up all nite!!!

jess - is the hr by hr thread the wednesday hr by hr? new to all this!

paula - yeah i think she did come from u 2 me, we will have 2 stick 2gether! i went down jo's 2 nite 2 take my mind off my rumbling belly!


Loves being slim!
Good to see you feeling more positive tonight.
Believe me, it is hard, for me it was awful the 1st 5 days (Although if you read my history you'll see I got blotto at a wedding the night before I started...ahem...)

It does work, it is hard, but if you can stick to it 100% it will work better, be over quicker and you'll feel great! 3 days is usual I believe for ketosis to kick in and fight half the battle for you.

I'm a size 10 now and I never thought I would be again before I did Cambridge.

Good luck!


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
hun u KNOW u can do it , WE can do it .............i just think we can compare our 2009 new yr pics with some fabby 2010 ones! we are gunna be like different girls xx
The weight will fall off you so quickly. I never told myself I would be on this for months.. i just said ill take it 1 week at a time and see how I feel. When you see such amazing losses each week it really spurs you on. When you get through week 1 and see such a great loss it will really give you encouragement and know that its worth it!


Going for Goal!
im feeling that way. i know i feel awful now on day 3, but on my wi next week when i see how much weight i have lost, what i feel now will be so worth it - i'm excited about seeing my cdc!!!!!!! lol - never thought id feel good stepping on scales, it's usually a moment of dread aand panic! not anymore tho, yay! :)

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