Day 1.....Im starving!!


Well I have started, I loved my counsellor, shes lovely. And I took away all sorts of nice shakes and soups :) I'm totally confident I can do this.

The problem is I have been so shaky/hungry, Ive just had to have my 3rd shake- and it's only 4pm !! :(
Ive had 3 litres of water so far, and had a painkiller for my headache.

Do you think it will be ok to have a 4th in a few hours time?

My kids are munching on biscuits just to test me aswell !!

I know the hunger is supposed to go on day 3/4, but I really am ravenous.
Thanks everyone :)
Are you supposed to have 3 or 4.

On this occasion if only 3 it wouldn't hurt to have a fourth as otherwise you have a very long time before breakfast.

Tomorrow try halving the packs and spreading them out more this will help.

Thanks Linda,
Im supposed to be on 3.
I thought they would be quite filling, I hope when ketosis happens I wont be as bad as this !

I wish I had halved the packs and had 6 small measures now!!
I'll see how long my willpower lasts before I cave in to a 4th!:rolleyes:
Its not that the packs are filling it that ketosis turns off your appetite. You will not be there yet. I think you should have a fourth pack today as you will be going far too long between portions if you wait until morning.

Give your CDC a call and let her know and ask her advice, you will of course be one pack short for the end of the week.

Hi... did you do any preparation before you started?

I cut out carbs completely four days before I started... this meant I was in ketosis within 24 hours of starting the diet... als I think it helped avoid such bad hunger and headaches.

I usually have my first shake between 10-12:30, my second 4-5pm and last in the evening... otherwise u are starving before bed.

I also prepared by drinking loads of water... through still (day 6 now) I am struggling to hit 4 litres... If you wanna chat or a then catch me on msn: [email protected]

Stick with it!!! You will look back in months to come and be so much slimmer... and so much stronger!!
Thanks everyone !!(hugs)
My lovely CDC gave me 6 samples of the flavours I didn't choose,plus a tetra pack, so I have some extras to hide in the back of the cupboard !!
Im going to hang on in there, grit my teeth while cooking for the family!, and see how I feel later.
Thanks BBFM, Ill add you to my msn when Ive remembered my password !
My CDC did say If I went really hungry it would be ok to have a 4th, until ketosis kicks in.
I've just had a huge glass of water, and not feeling so bad now hooray!
I'll update tomorrow
Thanks again! :)
Hi Wisp,

I'm on day 6 now and felt much less hungry on day 3, not really on 4 and 5, but okay again today.

It's a horrible sort of deep stomach I've never ever eaten type hunger when it's there- and I've gritted my teeth too- optimistically believing it really will go eventually.

Am hoping that now I'm solidly in ketosis I'll hardly be hungry at all...or only psychologically anyway!

Before I started I'd been on a diet for six weeks that was basically all carbs- shreddies, toast and jacket potato each day, so imagine I've had quite bad carbs withdrawal.

Good luck with it- stick in there!
Hey Wisp, hang in there.
I'm on Day 9 - and a bit like Kate F i ate a LOT of carbs previously, and i have found it mega difficult. My CDC has said that by week 3, i should find it a lot easier (this nearly reduced me to sobbing )and there are times i could crack (i hallucinate about jacket potatoes!).

As i said to my CDC i could chew my own arm...but the results are WORTH IT.

Sometimes i think it's actually good that i feel hungry, as when i am back to eating properly i will now really recognise when i am hungry and when i'm eating because i'm bored/sad/lonely/frustrated etc etc

Keep with it!
As the others have said.. and great results for Smallkat!

You really will see the evidence of your patience soon!
I had loads of carbs too, and a final blowout two days before.
Today I'm nowhere near as hungry,like KateF says its more a empty feeling, but no rumbles/pain. I have just had my first shake at 10:30 yay! Plus Im in Ketosis already!!Which is a shock, but good! :)
Hi Wisp

It is soooo hard for the first few days, but the time will fly by and soon you won't feel any hunger at all!!!

And you already know it's worth it, the diet is a miracle!! Stick with it.....