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Total Solution Day 1 in the big Bertha house!

This is not technically day 1 of the diet but it is day one of my diary blog,so here goes.
I am fed up with living half a life and have decided it's now or never as it won't be long till I'm 40.
I started the exante total solutions on the 26/9/11 and although the first week was really hard I think I am on my way.Someone once said it takes 3 weeks to make a habit and 3 weeks to break it so I'm nearly there then.

start weight - 19st 4.5lb
week 1 - 18st 9.5lb - 9lb loss :)
week 2 -
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aw thanks,it's taken me ages to work out how to post anything!
Hi Secret dieter (great name ;))

Well done on your first week loss, good luck with tomorrow's WI.
Thanks for taking the time to say hi!
I'm really determined to do this as I've tried and failed so many times before.If I put half as much effort into dieting as I did watching telly I would be underweight! :D
I noticed in your first post you have put in your start weight, week 1 loss etc. If you want it shown every time you post you can put it in your signature under the ticker.
In the blue bar above click on quick links and click on edit signature. xx
Well done so far! I know what you mean about sitting in front of the tv, iv been meaning to get the exercise bike out of the garage so I can be proactive while watching tv!
I tried to put it in my signature but it said there were too many characters?I'll have another go!

Yes,watching telly while exercising sounds a bit better!
I have just finished week 2 and have weighed myself this morning,another 4.5lb lost.
I can't believe that it is getting easier and easier.I did lots of cooking on Saturday so I wouldn't have to do the childrens tea from scratch and I wasn't even bothered about it that much whereas the first week I seemed to be able to smell a bread roll from a mile away!
I'm just keeping focus on how different my life could be if I stick to this and I'm trying to think of it in 3st increments rather than the whole 9.My first big target is to lose 3st for xmas.
Hi & welcome from me as well you've had a great start i've been lucky this week i've not needed to cook anything although next weekend i've got the family round for dinner that'll be another test for me
Yes,the first week was a nightmare having to cook,the smells were unbearable.The second week was a lot better and with all my frozen meals done in one day I don't have to think about it for a couple of weeks.
It's nice to see people with the same kind of weight losses as me,my friend is doing this too and lost over a stone in the first week.
another 4lb off this week,I really want to lose 3 stone before xmas!
Still going well hun :D well done xx
Aw thanks,I don't think next week will be as good cos I've decided to eat,drink and be merry on my birthday,Sunday.
Aw thanks,I don't think next week will be as good cos I've decided to eat,drink and be merry on my birthday,Sunday.
Congrats on your weight loss so far it's amazing.

Just remember that one night off the diet does not have to spell disaster for the whole week, get right back on it the next day and don't let it rule your whole week and you may be suprised!
yes,I have every intention of getting straight back on it,somethings changed in my head and I know that I can't go back to how I was eating before.Just want a day off!
Hope you had a great birthday xx

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