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Day 1 of a new me!

Hello, I am not new to low carbing, i have done atkins in the past and lost loads, and i also did lipotrim and cambridge!

I am back now doing low carbing with a pack of lipotrim for a mouse a day (for my sweet tooth)

Because i am using lipotrim (£12.10 week for 7) I will be weighing in and having a health check with the pharmacist!

I weighed this morning at 14 stone 5 pounds, i WAS 12.2 just before xmas. :eek:

I have done my weekly shopping today too, I will be eating :

Tesco own sausages (from fridge 10carbs in 2)
chicken drum sticks (allready cooked)

snacking on pork scratchlings, peporani, having 1 lipotrim pack per day as a mouse.

having full fat cream in my coffee.

drinking lots of water..

Now for the veg and salad i am not sure, i can remember 2 cups of green a day? So perhaps 1 cup of lettuce, and mushrooms, and 1 cup of green beans a day (with melted butter)..

I just want to be in ketosis, and the only carbs i will be eating are whats in sausages, lipotrim pack and my cups of green a day..

I am not bothered about calories at the moment, its my carb intake, as soon as i am ketosis i will cut my calorie intake..

oh and i am aiming for minimum 3 litres of water a day!

Does this sound ok?

Your advice/input is much appreciated.. :D
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Hi there.

That's 3 mugs of green veggies on Atkins. I mentioned in your other thread about some very low carb sausages I found.
I read about the sausages, but my local tesco is rubbish, the lowest i could find was their own make in the fridge!! :(

I think i most prob am doing atkins lol.. cept for 1 lipotrim pack a day.. he he..

you done fab.. well done you :)
Thank, the ones I found were from Lidol, do you have one near you?
Yes i am going to go there either in a minute of tommorrow, my leg is playing up.. (trapped a nerve)..
Ouch! I used to get that a lot until I had my hip op.
oh god!

Started when i was sorting my kids room out, i hurt my back, and my left bum cheek and my left leg had bad sciatica, then went numb, was a relief from sciatica but a weird numb sensation, just my left leg now, still a bit numb but its not as bad! Getting better, i hurt it walking up the hill today what a nightmare!! lol ..


Happy to be slim at last
Hi and welcome to the low carb / Atkins boards. I am also using 2 VLCD products with a low carb meal. There are a few of us mixing plans.

Good luck with your low carb diet!

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
welcome hunnie xx
Day 1 went very well for me, i ate alot of meat, drank 3 litres of water, had a few number 2's (sry tmi) .. And i woke this morning feeling so proud.. And i have dropped 2 pounds allready..

Can't wait to weigh tommorrow, i am a seriel scale hopper lol... But i will defo go buy next week's weigh in down the chemist..


Wannabe Lean!!!
Welcome amethyst :)


Happy to be slim at last
Welcome to the forum!


Going to do this......
hello everyone gonna start again tomorrow....its an age thing keep forgetting what diet i am on!!!!! but from tomorrow low carbingggggggggggggggg all the way


Happy to be slim at last
Welcome! Pop over to the atkins board also where you will find lots of other low carbers and info.
hello everyone gonna start again tomorrow....its an age thing keep forgetting what diet i am on!!!!! but from tomorrow low carbingggggggggggggggg all the way
LOL, welcome June.

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