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day 1 of Attack and struggling!

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Hi all,

I'm strugggling with carb withdrawal! I have tried the fat free yoghurt with sweetener and it doesn't help!

I also am worried as I have 12 hour shifts coming up at work this week and don't know how I am going to cope if I feel this tired:(

Advice please?


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My only advice for the weekend would be to take lots of dukan friendly snacks with you - chicken pieces, maybe a hard boiled egg or 2 etc. For sweets things, try making a sweet version of the dukan galette (even add a pinch of cinammon along with the sweetener), add cinammon with sweetener to your natural yoghurt (this is my personal fave) and my other fix is sugar free jelly. I buy the... am I allowed to say on here?... <whisper>... weightwatchers... one as it's got virtually no calories in it, and I make it 300ml boiling water and then add 100ml diet lemonade to make it fizzy!! That seems to fix my sugar cravings :) To be honest though, I seem to be past my carb withdrawal and have found today (day 6) to be much easier.

You'll probably get some much better advice from the resident pro's though, but I hope that helps a bit anyway!


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Tanya, you won't be feeling this tired after the first few days, still there are moments that I feel all my energy is drained but it lasts 10 minutes and back to normal.. The withdrawal is awful, I had headache first 3 days. But I am soo happy I didn't give up:)
I hate ff yogurt with sweetener, but I love it when I add a bit of flavor and freeze! I think I will prefer this over ice cream even after diet!
For long hour shifts, I would suggest keeping snacks handy and never ever starve yourself. Prepare a batch of galette over the weekend, take them with you. I make 7 for each day of the week. Also I don't add sugar or salt in the mix, I sometimes have it like a wrap (chicken and cheese) and sometimes as pancake.
It gets easier, I promise:)


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Lots of varieties of protein and sf jellies were my saviors during the attack phase! I had smoked salmon, devlled eggs, shrimp, turkey, chicken, and roast beef. Dijon mustard or a sour cream/cream cheese type dips on the side or rolled up with the proteins and it kept me going. I also drank a lot of hot, sweetened, tea while working :)
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I'm not sure I can help, but I sympathise, I'm day one today and despite eating all day I still feel a werid hungry....I hope it will pass xx


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In attack and on PP days I find egg is a real saviour. Mix hardboiled with prawns, or put prawns in an omelette. Mix hardboiled egg, sardines or left over barbecued mackerel and quark and food process. Chill and spread on Dukan toast. Vary this with chili powder. Cheered myself up with salmon souffle. See recipe section.


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Eat a whole chicken!


** Chief WITCH **
S: 141kg C: 49.9kg G: 36.3kg BMI: 17.7 Loss: 91.1kg(64.62%)
Some swear they get their best weight losses on days they do just that ;)

To Tanya - a yoghurt will never fill you up like pure protein will so get used to having protein snacks with you, rather. And/or save your oatbran for muffins/galette which you'll take to work with you.

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