day 1 of cambridge diet


Well today is my frist day of the cambridge diet and its ok so far. Decided to come on line to fill in some time as all im thinking about is food and what i cant have.
Was ment to be out tonight but have decided to really give this a try and am hiding this weekend from everyone till ive got use to it.
So if anyone got any advice for tips to help the virgin get through the first couple of days great.
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Do a list of your goals...

What you want from losing weight.

How you feel it will make a difference to your life.

What steps you can take to make sure this happens for you.

Make your home environment more conducive for dieting.

Set yourself some mini goals.

Water is key and the first few days are tough and be prepared for this, but it does get better.

Look at the inspiration thread to see the wonderful change in those who have done so well.

You could get yourself a nice weight tracker from the

What about an avatar?

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Or one of my favourite is to play with my virtual you can change her weight and hair style and of course dress her in the latest fashion.
My Virtual Model - Home

These are just a few ideas.

I feel reading how others are doing along with keeping a diary helps to keep you on track.

Good luck with your weight loss journey.

Love Mini xxx


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welcome to minis!

make sure u r drinking plenty of water while doing this diet as it is filling and will help with the headaches and stuff that u might suffer from this first week.
coming on here is great for getting away from food and keeping urself focussed. the arcade is good (am totally addicted to "quick words" now :eek: )

have u had a look thru the inspiring before and after pics yet? also reading some of the diaries would be good for motivation (not to mention taking ages to read so u cant go and fridge-pick :) )

post like mad if u need any help or just wanna chat! so many people on here and all of them supportive and lovely.

have a great first week


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Hey there :)

Well done on starting, I know the next few days will be difficult, but keep going, it will be worth it :)

Keep us posted and let us know how you're doing :)

Kitty xxxx


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Congrats on starting ! Give it a few days and once you are in ketosis things will get easier. Be REALLY nice to yourself, drink loads and have lots of distractions around.....books, magazine, catalogues with nice clothes in to daydream !, nail varnish (can't nibble with wet nails!), CD's etc etc.

Keep coming on here to get inspired !

Think you made a good choice staying in, expecting yourself to cope out on your first few days would be hard.

keep at it, good luck !


Welcome and good luck - I am on day 14 now and although I wonder how I am going to get through to July without eating anything, I just remind myself that by my birthday I could be 7 stone lighter! That's an amazing thought and it's really keeping me going!


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Well Done for starting .I am on day 9 now and feel great.The first 2 days were teh hardest but then you all of a sudden not get hungry,its strange.Good Luck



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Good luck with it all honey. the results are well worth it! xxx


Needs to stick to it!!!
Hiya :) I started on CD yesturday too!its sorta 2nd time around on it, i never fully finished it last time!but believe me it does the stories and look at the pics and it'll really help inspire you!!
good luck!

Thanks everyine for ur support but did something really stupid and went out thought i could go out and it not affect the diet how wrong was i.

So aftering spending day feeling sorry for myself starting again tomorrow and this nothing will stop me as i have just booked to go to egypt in september and dont want to be fat .


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S: 19st7lb C: 18st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 49.6 Loss: 1st5lb(6.96%)
its gone, its done so forget it. u blipped (soooo easy to do in the first week!) but u can do this diet. just dont be feeling guilty or bad. pretend it never happened and move on the slimdom.