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Day 1 of my Atkin(ish) diet...please point me in the right direction!!

Ok so Day 1 of my diet and I'm seriously worried already!! I just don't get how this is gonna work!! Maybe it won't!! Lol! Please let me know where I'm going wrong!!

B- 4 rashers of bacon fried, 3 fried eggs, 1 low carb sausage, 55g mushrooms

L- cheese string and 2 x mini babybel

T- pork tenderloin wrapped in Parma ham,
50g Le roule cheese, 75g halloumi fried

Plus vitamins and fibre supplements
Coke zero x 1

My totals are:
Cals - 2090
Fat- 147g
Sat fat- 67g
Protein- 122g
Carbs - 8g

Now the fat and calories scare me big time!! I feel like Ive had a really bad day!

Do I need to reduce them??

I was reading about a diet and they suggested I have 102g protein and 47g fat totalling 900 cals!!


Thank you xxxxxx
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Hello Tara

Don't worry about the calories or the fat... I'd definitely add some salad and greens to you menu but otherwise it looks good! :)


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Hi Tara,
Well done getting started. Don't worry - low carb does work but some realities:

Look at thread i just bumped on main page about tips and tricks - very insightful
Watch your dairy - it can be a staller for some
Lots of water and make sure you include good amout of veg - this really helps
Portion control needs to be realistic - eat when hungry but not to stuffed!

The fat should help turn your appettie down but in first couple of weeks it's more important to deal with cravings legally. After induction, some people also consider calories - but this happens naturally if you listen to body (not head lol;) )

Good luck
Thanks to you both for helping me! I will start on the salad now...well green leaves!! I'm having a BBQ tonight so gonna make my own beefburgers and top with bacon and cheese and wrap in a lettuce leaf! Plus salad and other meats etc (staying clear of sausages cos they are from the farm shop and say 65% min meat so guessing rest is rusk!) xxx
Ok day 2 diary as follows:

B - 3 eggs scrambled mixed with 2 x rashers of bacon, butter and double cream

L- 1 x protein shake, 2 x mini babybels

T- chicken breast in tandoori. BBQ'd,
1 rasher of bacon
Jimmy's farm pork sausage
Homemade mince burger
Salad and coke zero

Total carbs: 7grams

Im trying to eat leafy salad stuff but I hate green vegetables so I'm struggling a little.

Can I just take fibre supplement instead?? I don't know how I'll get my carbs up otherwise???

Thanks xxxx
Hi Tara and welcome, I can confirm it works, believe me. It can seem a bit contradictory from what we've always had drummed into our heads, but it does work and changed my life.
You're doing well Tara - keep going, keep posting and it will work if you follow the advice and stickies on here! :)
Day 3...felt short of energy today but kept to it.....

B- 3 eggs with 2 slices of ham

L- protein shake and 2 x mini babybel

T- massive rump steak with savoy cabbage mixed with bacon and cream, with a cheesy sauce oh and portabello mushroom stuffed with goats cheese!

Carbs today : 19g including a fibre supplement of 3.5g!

Lovely menu !:)
Thanks Alpaca!! What sort of things are good for breakfast?? I'm getting bored of eggs already!!! Lol!! Going shopping tomorrow for low carb stuff!!

Also I'm really missing that 'crunchy' texture in my mouth! Like you'd get with biscuits or crisps!! Anything you can suggest that has a crunch?? Except pork scratchings cos i really can't eat them!! Lol! Xx


This is for life
Hi Tara, glad to see you are getting on ok. If you're feeling a bit low in energy then may be atkins flu- take it easy, skip a bit of exercise for a few days and glug lots of water!

For breakfast - search the threads as there's one with loads of ideas on it. Mims are often good for people if you dont want eggs

For crunch suggest either celery (but go easy as a bit carby) or you can make flaxseed crackers. Mix water with your ground flax, spread out in a dish and microwacpve till crispy. Lovely for putting stuff on :)
Day 4

B- protein shake

L- 2 scrambled eggs, 3 bacon

S- protein shake and mini babybel

T- bacon, pepperoni and mushrooms with melted cheese

Total carbs: 10g

Today has been ok, went shopping with my mum in the morning so that took my mind off food! Except when I walked past greggs!! Lol!!

Other than that still feeling a bit low in energy and couldn't contemplate exercise yet. I can't wait for this energy buzz so I can get myself back to gym!!
Good to see you're still focused Tara ... :)


This is for life
Dont forget to add more leafy greens:D. Good luck for weigh in today!
I think that's great Tara! At least there's downward movement :)


This is for life
Hi Tara, well done on the 2lb loss:). Everyone's different in their weightloss so hope it continues to work for you

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