Day 1 of my restart and im starving!!


Still Climbing That Hill!

I alway's seem to get through days 1,2 and 3 ok but im starving and it's only day 1!!! im guzzling water like theres no 2morrow but im terrified incase i give in !!

It would only be myself i would be letting down and i dont want too but the smell of food is really really getting to me and i just want to eat eat eat!!!

No one else appart from hubby knows im doing this diet so you guys are getting the brunt of it sorry.

Havn't given in though.
Hi Tracie!
I too am on the 1st day of my 2nd attempt! Stuck to it 110% first time round and intend to not give in til xmas however it's already feeling harder than the 1st time round!
I'm SOOOOOO hungry! I'm gonna get in the bath in a bit and paint my nails! That should keep me out the cupboards - for 2nite anyway!
All the best!
Claire x
Hi Tracie, im on day 2 of restart and have just posted more or less the same thing!!! I just said to hubby that im going back to weight watchers but I know I wouldnt be happy with her congratulations at having lost 1lb per week so I know I must get my head back into this!! Good luck I know we can resist!! Sarahxx.
Me too me too! :)

I'm on day 1 of re-start, although im not starving yet- i am feeling sorry for myself having just given kids pizza slices and chips! :( My fav, poor me!

I can usually manage this up to day 4 and then i give in!

If it helps to rant and rave on here at us - then do it, its gotta be easier than day 1 again!;)
Hi all and thanks my hunger has died down a bit now serves me right for cooking a fry up for tea!! didnt touch any of it though!!

Claire hope you long soak and polished nails do the trick! good luck

Sarah i know what you mean about ww i have never and could never stick to their programme!

Thanks Mandy!

Emmie i have just cooked tea for family as well!! heartbreaking isnt it!!