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Day 1 on 790

After struggling for several weeks on SS (not sticking to it properly, being hungry, etc) I stug to it religiously this last week and lost nothing. At the same time, I have ended up carless and so my exercise levels have probably quadruples as I am walking/cycling at least 6 miles a day - my visit to my CDC yesterday involved a 12mile round trip cycle. I have never been so hungry as the last few days, and I think my body has panicked - hence not losing (lost an inch though - nearly 5 inches off my waist since I started!!). So anyway, I told my CDC I think I need to try a different plan, she agreed 100% and suggested I might want to try 1200, but to me that feels waaaay too high just yet, so I have started 790 today. I am feeling great! So far today I have had a chocolate tetra, split across 2 coffees, most of my milk (I can drink tea again - yay!) and a cottage cheese salad - half my protein (huge serving though, fantastic) and all my veg. I have another tetra to have on my way home from work, and will have my last pack and the rest of my cottage cheese tonight. This feels about a zillion times easier than SS did, and it was sooo nice to sit in the canteen with a colleage at lunch with real food. My only 'worry' is I will get a bit bored with cottage cheese and quorn, as I'm veggie. Any hints from any of you at all???
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Hi Kitten,
Im on 790 and 4 packs a day because of my cycling im 5.4 so its not for my height. I think you may be aware that i do mountain bike cross country racing. I gained 2lbs last week after I cycled out to my cambridge councillor. I dont know if you cycle fast but I averaged 22 miles per hour. My muscles were pumped up and retained fluid. This week I went out in my car and got weighed on Wednesday instead of Friday and I had already lost 4lb.
Its a good idea to have 4 shakes a day while on 790 as if your sweating a lot you can lose some of the minerals and vitamins.
I was a meat eater but have truly gone off meat since being on the cambridge and have only eaten it about 3 times in nearly 4 months. I love fish so that may be an alternative for you unless you are vegan.
I have never got bored with cottage cheese, or quorn there is allways something different to do with it.
I also have total 0 yogurt.
On days when I feel hungry starving I have a little extra and of course in the run up to a race or heavy duty cycling I do add some carbs.
If you are carbless and riding distance you may find your legs go to the wall and you will find it extremely difficult to cycle back home. Make sure you have plenty of water with you and I use an energy drink on heavy rides or race rides. If you want anymore info you can email me on [email protected]
Hope thats of some help to you.
Well this is a brilliant site Quorn.com | Welcome to Quorn™
There are some good cottage cheese recipe's on here also but some we cant have.
I usually google say cottage cheese and see what comes up and adapt it.
The cottage cheese page
Hi Sallies - I was hoping you might reply;) I don't cycle fast (not yet anyway, only started a couple of months ago and not much), about 12mph judging on yesterdays timings. I guess if it is my muscles though, then it should be a oneoff that I gained - if I cycle each week I should lose next week, right?

I hadn't thought of having an extra pack, but I am really craving the savoury drink, so I might think about it:rolleyes: - do you reduce anything else for the calories, or do you just accept that you are over the 790 and 'such is life'?


Trying Hard!
S: 25st0lb C: 22st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 49.7 Loss: 3st0lb(12%)
hi kitten, think Sallies advice is great. have you had tofu, I stir fry it with pak choi and it's a lovely alternative.

bet you have a great loss this week, enjoy.
Here is the cycling rule for my cycle racing. Training begins in November low intensity and a high volume of cycling that means cycling at a low heart rate for about one - two hours depending on discipline of cycling this means you would probably be working in the fat burning zine. This training period would take me up until about March this is probably the level that you will be cycling at the moment and its called base training. This is to build a good base of aerobic fitness. This is the period you should be riding and losing any excess weight. After this period and i dont want to get technical and bore you but you should not be losing weight. If you must it is expected that you should not lose more than half a pound a week and should be taking in sufficent carbs to cope with the energy demand. Once racing has commenced you should not be trying to lose weight. (im a naughty girl)
I play around all the time with the cd to get the results i need at the time. so at the moment im on the 4 shakes and 790 meal i dont worry if it goes over a bit. Sometimes if im starving i pinch a bit from the 1000 cals. At the end of the day its trial and error and i wouldnt want to advocate my regime to anyone else on here and they find they put weight on or dont lose.
What I do have to watch is that on days of rest and recovery i only eat 790 and maybe 3 shakes.
Remember to do plenty of warm up and down including stretching otherwise on this diet ive found I can get cramps.
Do you take a complete day off from cycling or are you stuck with having to ride every day?
One other thing if you havnt cycled before and not overall fit you may find that you build muscle, you wont lose weight and you wont gain but you will notice a big difference in your legs. People think that muscle gain is a lot but the truth is spread over a period of time its only a few pounds unless of course your weight lifting.:) Do you use a heart rate monitor when your riding if not there is a brilliant polar weight loss one that i use for weight loss. It really makes a difference and you can see how many cals your burning.:)
I will be cycling most days, but some days only 2 miles (a mile to the station in the morning, then home again - it saves me 10mins compared to walking, and at 6am it really makes a difference!). My legs are already getting hard - I did figure skating for years, and as soon as I start to excercise again the muscles just seem to jump back!

I am not a massive fan of tofu, but I might get a pack and give it another go....somewhere I have a recipe that makes it into a great alternative to scrambled eggs:p
Remember the muscles should not be hard all of the time only when training. They should feel soft but firm to touch when resting. If they get hard it may need a massage.
Figure skating now thats scary doing things on ice?
Do tell more did you just do it for fun or did you compete?
We dont have an ice rink in Exeter the council allways promise one, one day but never delivered typical.:sigh:
Muscles go hard when I tense them.

Yes, I used to do daft things like jumping, twisting rouns, and landing on a strip of metal less than 2mm wide! I loved it, I still miss it, but when had to change coaches as mine went back to Canada I couldn't afford so many lessons with the new one (the old one took some payment in cash - naughty but worked for us both, and would give me extra free lessons). I used to be on the ice at 6am 6 days a week, and on Mondays would do a total of 6hrs skating (plus working a full day in the middle!). In those days I could eat for England and stay under 9st! I was a bit old starting to compete at any great level, but I did qualify for the adult Europeans - but I gave up before the competition as I would have banckrupted myself paying for the coaching for it! I never, ever skate now - I tried going once or twice a week for 'fun', but it just wasn't fun, skating was my life, and going just reminded me what I was missing.
One things for sure your never to old, I didnt start mountain biking until I was 45 years young.
I feel sad that you dont feel you can go just for fun you must have so much to offer other youngsters training.
I never could eat just what i wanted its allways been watch what goes in and certainly make sure I put enough out to compensate. Easy peasy to get fat.:cry:

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